Best Hidden GPS Vehicle Tracker For Cars

February 25, 2023 3 min read 2 Comments

Best Hidden GPS Vehicle Tracker For Cars

Best GPS Tracker For Car Australia

So, you want to know where your car is or where your assets are. without making it obvious. Then a solid GPS [global positioning system] tracker that runs on batteries is often your best option. They are the most versatile type of caravan GPS tracker we have.

They can typically be installed in a console, behind the dashboard, or attached to any asset or vehicle. They can also be kept in a pocket or attached to something important in a bag. By accessing the trip history of a battery-powered Keep Track GPS device via a smartphone or web browser, it is possible to determine the tracker's past whereabouts. Additionally, the tracker can send alerts or notifications when the GPS signal leaves or reaches a certain location.

Their batteries need replacing every few years, depending on the setup. Our devices can last for more than 5 years with daily location updates. The tracking of driver performance by battery-powered devices is inferior to that of OBD2 or hard-wired GPS trackers. 

But they are smaller and easier to hide. Some of our tracking devices require a subscription to send location data through the Telstra LTE mobile network. Just like your mobile phone.

How often do you have to charge the battery?

Most of our battery-powered trackers can keep going for up to 10 years if they are programmed for [once-a-day locations] Batteries don't last as long when you start adding more frequent updates.

Think about Google Maps, which can use up to 3-5 MB per hour and drain your smartphone battery before you know it. Battery-powered devices take a location every 2–5 minutes, with the data uploaded every 30–60 minutes. 

Our Remora GPS tracker uses larger lithium batteries for longer battery life, making it our most popular option. The Remora and G120 vehicle tracker are popular for cold chain tracking with its Bluetooth capabilities to connect the ELA Blue Puck T-Probe Bluetooth Temperature Sensor or the ELA Blue Puck Mag - Bluetooth Magnetic Door Sensor for food safety compliance.

Check out the upcoming Remora 3 device, which includes turn-by-turn vehicle tracking with more frequent GPS location. Because of this, it's helpful to be able to send a low-battery alert to your smartphone app for peace of mind.

Hardwired and Battery-Powered GPS Tracking Devices Australia








How do I get the information?

All our high-quality vehicle GPS trackers uses Telstra SIM cards to send data over the mobile phone network to our company's servers. Your monthly access fee will cover the information being sent to your smartphone or web access..

If the GPS tracking device is in a dead zone or the signal is lost in an underground parking garage, the car's GPS coordinates and other information may be delayed. Tracking devices for vehicles in Australia and New Zealand use 4G LTE networks. In other countries, different sim cards or global roaming sims may be required.

How often does a GPS tracking device for cars update its data?

The refresh rate or sample rate of a tacking device for cars is typically stated in the product description or web copy. It is crucial to be aware of this information. A faster refresh rate is beneficial for monitoring new teen drivers or older drivers at risk, particularly in bad weather.

Vehicle tracking devices like the Dart3, G70, and G120, may require a hard wire installation by an auto electrician, but the Bolt, which is easy to install into the OBD2 port, is great for real time tracking with our fleet management application. They update the data every 60 to 180 seconds, which varies depending on which plan you choose.

This is suitable for most situations on our fleet management application. Most models can be enhanced so that they can be updated faster, but this costs more because it uses more data. Contact customer support if you are not sure which tracking device to choose.

How does a geofence work for caravan tracking?

With smartphone apps for GPS trackers, you can set up geofences, which are defined areas on a map, so you can be notified when the car leaves or enters that area.

Most asset tracking software only let you set up circular zones, which have rough edges. However, some apps let you set up zones of any shape, so your notifications can be more accurate.

Is it legal for a car to have a GPS tracker?

State laws are differentso it's always a good idea to check what the rules are in your state. In some states in Australia, it is against the law to put a tracker in a car without the owner's permission.

 A few states make it illegal to track someone without their permission. You can use a GPS tracker on any car that you own. 

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Keep Track GPS
Keep Track GPS

November 06, 2023

Hi Mat
Please take a look at our battery-powered GPS trackers, the Oyster 3 or Remora 3, as they have the best features for vehicle tracking. However, with our battery-powered devices, they are designed for non-powered assets, so there locations are somewhat delayed. They will take a location every 2 minutes and update it every 30 minutes, or if the vehicle is stationary for longer than 3 minutes, it will be classified as the end of the trip. If you require more detailed location updates, then look at the Bolt2 OBD2 device. You can also add a splitter cable to the car’s OBD2 port for near-live location tracking.

Regards The Keep Track Team


November 06, 2023

Im looking for a gos unit that is easy to hide and it’s not have to be hard wired to the car

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