Keep Track Sim Card

Keep Track Sim Card For Our Personal Alarms

Information Summary

As stated below, Keep Track GPS manages the Keep Track SIM Card for the purpose of emergency communication.

Our devices are designed to be used as emergency alert devices, not as mobile phones.

[ Fair use  applies as out lined below.]

The SIM card must not be removed or used in any other telecommunications device. The charged amount allows the user to make critical voice calls and send location SMS text messages in the event of an emergency. Charged at $70 every 12 months or $35 every 6 months to ensure coverage. You will not need to check your credit. We will set up a direct debit or automated invoice to renew your service every 6–12 months, depending on the option chosen.

What’s Included:

The use of 2-way voice calls, sending location SMS text, and data for firmware updates Outgoing calls can be made to mobile or landline numbers.

Non-emergency use calls to satellite phone numbers or international numbers are excluded and can result in feather charges being issued.

Pricing Information:

Sim cards are charged at $70.00 every 12 months or $35.00 every 6 months. There is no minimum or maximum usage period.

A fair use policy means the device will only be used in emergencies at a reasonable level.

The makeup can include:

  • 54 minutes talk time per year or 205 SMS per year
  • 27 minutes of talk time per 6 months or 102 SMS per 6 months
  • The monthly SIM card cost is $1.61 per month

This works out to be a single use every week with 1 minute of talk time and 4 SMS (4 contacts).

If the device is not used, the allowance accrues for that period only. It will expire after the 6- or 12-month allocation.


Refund or cancellation:

Once payment has been made for 6 or 12 months or any other period specified, it is nonrefundable.

If the client cancels the service, any remaining balance will be forfeited and not refunded.

Excessive Usage:

Extra or excessive use outside of the allowance will be charged at the rate of $0.20 cents per SMS and $0.90 cents per minute, billed at $0.15 / second.

If your contact list members are using the SMS GPS Location service frequently, this can impact the cost of the service plan. If you believe you are going to need a heavy user plan for mobile or SMS services, please contact us regarding alternative plans or suggestions.

We recommend seizure-prone users be on a higher use plan. Regular use of the device may cause the contacts or button to wear out.

We reserve the right to cancel any SIM card with excessive usage where an arrangement is not reached with both parties. We will not withdraw the service without written or verbal communication with the end user or relevant parties.

A statement regarding excessive usage charges will be provided upon request where payment has been automatically debited.

The SIM card remains the property of Keep Track GPS.


Customer service details:

If you have a problem or complaint, please call us on 08 6147 0747 during normal business hours, 8:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

If we cannot resolve your complaint, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

Ph: 1800 062 058


Fax: 1800 630 614

Write to: TIO, PO Box 276, Collins Street West Vic 8007

Keep Track Sim Card Summary