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Your Devices are delivered to you pre programmed and ready to use out of the box.

However, we understand that you may still have questions so feel free to call us during office hours, 08 9521 4325  and we’ll be happy to step you through the process.

If you wish to get contact information / numbers changed on your devices we can help you with doing these tasks.

Yes! We are registered for providing the following.

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Assistive Equipment -Recreation
Assistive Products -Personal Care / Safety 

Keep Track GPS is a family owned business established out of our own very personal, emotional and hard-fought journey with our two beautiful sons, Jett and Dylan.

Dylan has a life limiting condition and special needs, while Jett our eldest son suffers from PTSD and other mental health issues from witnessing his brother fight for life.

Technology has given us options, enabling us to deal with the challenges in our life, created a greater level of independence and security whilst allowing us to live every day to the fullest without fear or anxiety.

We have brought these items for our own personal use and have found they worked. So, we know how the pendants, watches and tracking devices work. Our hope is that our journey will help others to find help quickly and effectively. And to live life to its fullest.

Don't let fear hold you back from having a fantastic life!

Keep Track GPS understands that sometimes you may need to return devices you have purchased from us. To help with this, we have set out below the Keep Track GPS Returns Policy which explains key points that you should be aware of. Our Returns Policy includes the rights that you have under the Australian Consumer Law (if you are a consumer), and does not seek to exclude or limit these. If you are a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law:

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law are not limited by a defined time. However, the Australian Consumer Law does recognize that the relevant time period for which a remedy may be available can vary from product to product, depending on factors such as the nature of the product and the price. Keep Track GPS adopts the same approach. As you can appreciate, the type of remedy we can offer you may also vary depending on how long it takes you to return the product to us.Consumer Guarantees have no set time limit but generally last for an amount of time that is reasonable to expect given factors including the cost and quality of the product or any representations made.

How to return a faulty item:

Our returns Policy lasts 21 days from date of  Delivery.

If you suspect your item is faulty or not working properly, please call us on (08) 9521 4325  so that we can offer troubleshooting advice over the phone. For a lot of our products, we can resolve issues over the phone by offering remote support, or assisting with firmware updates. Alternatively, you can post your product back to us for assessment. Please Advise us first. If a fault is found, you are welcome to ask us (Keep Track GPS) to handle the warranty process for you. In order to obtain any remedy from us, you must provide us with proof of purchase. This may either be a receipt we issued, or bank statement/credit card statement clearly showing the amount which corresponds to the purchase price, and that shows Keep Track GPS was the merchant. 

At the discretion of Keep Track GPS repair or replacement may include new and/or refurbished parts up to the value of the unit being repaired or replaced.

What’s not covered by our returns / warranty policy:

Water infiltration or evidence of water infiltration. Damage to the recharge connection point.Power, electrical or voltage surge.Accident Damage by Misuse, flood water infiltration, fire, earthquakes, accident.Damage to watch touch screen face, due to excessive force is not considered as a fault! and is not covered by the warranty.

Who pays for freight? Any expenses relating to returning your product to us will normally have to be paid by you. We will pay the return costs to send the repaired/new item back to you, but reserve the right to charge for return freight if you send a non-faulty item back to us. 


To return your product, you should mail your product to:

13 Glenorchy Road Perth Western Australia AU 6110

If you are shipping an item over $75, you should consider using a traceable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item.

Can I return an item if it is not faulty? As a retailer we are not obliged to accept return of goods purchased from our online store unless required under Australian Consumer Law. We do not have to accept returns if you changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase, or had no use for it. Please make your choice with this in mind.  We can only accept non-faulty goods for return in the following circumstances:

You have a valid receipt or other proof of purchase with Keep Track GPS


You were offered a return acceptance within a particular time frame, by the salesperson at the time of purchase. You will need to have a careful record to prove this, and the goods must be complete with all packaging and accessories, and in as-new condition.

If you wish to request your non-faulty product outside of the above conditions, our Business Manager may consider your request, and determine a re-stocking fee based on the conditions of the goods, and date of purchase. At our prerogative, any refund agreed upon, may be in a form other than cash or credit/debit card reversal, for example bank transfer. Within 7 days

Shipping Fees, Setup Costs, Sim Cards, are Non refundable.

Restocking Fee: $18.00

  For more information on your consumer rights, please visit

All product are received and shipped from Perth, Western Australia.

For Perth CBD, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Canberra- ACT, : Orders and all relevant paperwork must be received by 12 pm AWST (Perth time zone) on any business day for next business day delivery, otherwise you will receive your item within 2-3 business days.Darwin: Orders and all relevant paperwork must also be received by 12 pm AWST(Perth time zone) on any business day for delivery in 2-3 business days otherwise you will receive your item within 3-4 business days.Regional areas: Place your order any time, on a business day and it will arrive within 3 - 4 business days.

Australian Shipping Rates:   Provided by Australia Post

Free Express Post Shipping: 

 (for orders valued over $100.00 )                             Free 

 Paid Shipping:  

( for orders valued under $100.00 )

Standard Post                        0 g -  3 kg   $11.00

Express Post                          0 g -  3 kg   $14.05     

 Express Post Platinum        0 g - 3 kg  $21.90

New Zealand orders will generally take up to 8 days for delivery.             

International Standard Satchels 500g + 6 Business Days                            International Express Satchel     500g 2 - 4 Business Days

We endeavor to ensure we have the correct stock levels to supply our clients at all times, however under certain circumstances out of our control we do not have stock, we will contact you to advise the situation and possible solution.

You are responsible for ensuring you have entered the correct shipping address. If you entered an incorrect shipping address at the checkout, and product is returned to us, a re-delivery charge of $13.50 will apply within Australia.


When your order is ready for dispatch, you will receive an email containing a tracking number.Simply enter this on the Australia Post website to track the delivery of your package.


Deliveries will require a signature. If nobody is home to sign for your package then a collection card will be left notifying you to collect it from your local post office or delivery center. If you do not collect your package within 14 days it will be returned to KeepTrack GPS, a re- delivery fee of $13.50 will be charged to resend within Australia. If you provide an Authority to Leave the goods at your location without a signature, we cannot be held responsible for any theft or loss that may occur as a result.


Please contact us immediately after placing your order to change your address. You can reach us on +61 08 95214325 during our business hours. If the product has been sent we will try our best to redirect however we can not guarantee this. 

SHIPPING OVERSEAS: * free express post dose not apply to international delivery's.

Overseas Shipping rates are calculated at the check out via Australia post.

We Also Ship World Wide, Please contact us for a quote however any applicable international taxes or customs duties are payable by the customer.

If your order is not delivered to you by the postal agent due to an incorrect shipping address or non-collection, or is not claimed by you from your local post office courier center, and is returned to KeepTrack GPS, a re-delivery fee will apply. Please contact us regarding fees for re-delivery. If your package is returned to us as a result of you not accepting your delivery, and you choose not to have them re-delivered, a refund will be provide however we will deduct the cost of shipping back to KeepTrack GPS.

* Please note.

How do i check Coverage in my Area - Mobile Towers

Tower - Coverage Checker

 Customer Care Section

TELSTRA  check here 

OPTUS  check here 

OZ Towers  check here To Check your mobile towers / coverage / frequencies in your area.

3G Personal Alarm Systems.

The 3G GPS Personal Alarm is a clever device that allows the wearer to actively participate in life whilst still having the capability to access help at any time. The 3G GPS Personal Alarm will work anywhere you can receive a mobile signal which covers approximately 98% of the Australian population.

By simply pressing the SOS button for 3 seconds the wearer will activate an emergency response from family and caregivers. Perfect for helping a fiercely independent love one stays safe, active and connected.

The 3G GPS Personal Alarm is a multi-purpose device and its capabilities can be utilised in many situations and industries. From Bus drivers, delivery drivers, in home carers, travellers, mobile nursing staff, night staff, students traveling on public transport, medically fragile, neurological and mental health conditions.  

Introduce the alarm earlier in life, before they may need it. That way, they can ease into the idea, add it to their daily routine, and come to understand the technology over time.Show them how to use it, on more than one occasion, then ask them to repeat the process for you.Keep an eye on GPS monitoring to make sure they are using the device, and remind them to if you feel it's necessary.

Facing the realities of ageing:

No one wants to be told that they need to be looked after. Pride and humiliation can be key (and understandable) reasons as to why someone won't use a personal alarm.

Habitual behaviour: All humans are creatures of habit. It can be easy to forget a new element of the daily routine such as charging or putting on a personal alarm.

Distrust or suspicion:

Similar to habitual behaviour. People may be reluctant to try a different solution such as a personal alarm, when something they're familiar with such as a phone, works just fine in their mind.

Cognitive issues:

Such as short-term memory loss.

Yes, they have been tested by choice magazine in there 2018 testing.  Check out the results Here. 

They have recommended our device. The test result was 90% out of 100.

Personal Alarms For The Elderly Australia Reviews

Good Question!

This article was first published in March 2018 this year when our prices were $280.00 since then changes have accorded in the distribution of the product.

I will give you a run down.

Since starting this business in Late 2016 we have upset a few people namely the bigger companies, regarding pricing. We offered Device Only not setup!

This created more than a few issues for us. It took a lot of our time helping people setting up their device which they found harder than expected.

Unfortunately, due to some upset competitors we were told by the manufacturer to bring our prices up to a newly created Recommended Retail Price, otherwise we would not be able to renew our Sellers Agreement.

In regards to pricing the supplier told us we had to sell the device setup and ready to go otherwise we would not have access to supply.

Under ACCC rules our Supplier is within their rights to do that, so we are advertising now as per their RRP. $437.00

$280.00 was for the device only with no set up or sim, again a new part of the Seller's Agreement requires us to only sell Personal Alarms set up.

We had no choice but to include everything that was need for the device to work out of the box hence the price increase.

In February 2018 choice got the last of our devices at the device only price of $280.00.

Hence why they have published it at $280.00 we had no control over there testing or publishing the article and price. If you had a copy of their testing results from February 2018 and the article re-released 2 months ago you would see they have made changes to their publication.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of back ground to why the price is different. We have had the new prices since April 2018, we have just not increased our prices because we scored high in the testing and have been recommended by choice.

Yes. It works like a mobile phone, it needs to be connected to the 3G mobile network to work. As part of your purchase we install a sim card that can work on either the Telstra or Optus mobile networks. Our personal alarm for seniors or mobile alerts are not locked to any Specific provider. However, we do offer two options in frequency’s. 850Mhz covers the Telstra networkand 900Mhz covers the Optus network. During our Mobile tower check, If the Frequencies are not supported in your area we will let you know, and do a coverage check with another provider, and discuss the options with you. In most locations there will be either Telstra or Optus coverage.

 Yes  our Mobile Medical Alert and Personal Alarms For Seniors can be used on the Telstra, Optus & Vodafone networks.

We offer two devices either the telstra network or Optus network

The 850 MHz is for the telstra mobile network.

The 900 device is for the optus & vodafone mobile networks.

You can check your coverage in your area from our Check 3G coverage in your area link .  By following the instructions in the customer care section on the home page.

Yes, you can make calls from your Mobile Alarm or Personal Alarm, via the side button.

It uses the same cellular phone technology as a mobile phone.

You can dial out if needed via the side button please be aware that normal call rate will apply depending on carrier this can range from 12c to 30c  minute. 

The Default setting is X2 or A2, Contact.

To program or change the side button contacts, choose 1 contact from the listed contacts, you will need to send a command to the alert device via sms.

The X1- 5 will correspond to one of the listed contacts.

The command will be:  X + Contact. 

SMS X1 this will correspond with A1 contact

SMS X2 this will correspond with A2, contact and so on.


Yes! Just like a mobile phone any body that has your pendents mobile number can call the device, It will answer the call automatically.

When pressing the SOS button, all listed contacts will receive a text message after 3 seconds and at 6 seconds after the SOS button has been pressed it will commence calling the numbers listed starting at A1.The emergency sequencing call will start by calling A1, if it goes to voicemail the pendant will stay on that call for 5 mins depending on voicemail settings, and then the pendant will hang up and continue the sequencing by calling A2, this will continue until a career answers or the wearer presses the SOS button once to end the call or the career presses the number 1 button on their keypad to terminate the sequencing.

The Green LED light indicates the connection to the 3G network (example Telstra/Optus):

The green light flashes quickly (every 3 seconds) means it has a connection.

The green light slowly flashing means it is trying to connect to the network or is not connected.

When the SOS button has been pressed the green light will flash rapidly to confirm it is sending out messages and calling the designated numbers.

The Blue LED lights indicate connection to satellites (GPS):

The blue light flashes quickly (every 3 seconds) means it has a connection and has a GPS location.

The blue light slowly flashing means it is trying to get a connection to the satellites, so it can obtain a GPS location. 

If the blue light is off then it means that the GPS is off and in sleep mode, this happens if the device is sitting for a long time.

It will automatically conserve battery power. Once the device is moved it will come out of sleep mode and will try to connect to the satellites to obtain a GPS location.

If it goes to voicemail the pendant will stay on that call for up to 5 mins and then the pendant will hang up and continue the sequencing by calling A2, this will continue until a career answers or the wearer presses the SOS button once to end the call or the career presses the number 1 button on their keypad to terminate the sequencing. 

# Some voicemails can be up to 5 minutes in length. During this time, it would seem like nothing is happening, the alarm is just waiting for the voice message time to complete. It is recommended testing the alert button to see which of your contacts have a long voice message time activated on their device. If one of your contacts have a long message activated. It's a good idea to ask if they are willing to either shorten their voicemail or disable messaging, by speaking to your mobile / phone provider, or have voice to text activated. [10 sec] 

This would enable the device to move on quicker to the next contact on the list.

 A text message will be sent within seconds to all mobile contacts on your list of numbers.

The SMS will state for example – DYLAN NEEDS HELP! And, a link to advise of your location.

By clicking on the link, it will take you to a google map.

The tracker will then call the first number on your list, if that person does not answer it will continue to ring through all the numbers until someone answers. It is important to ensure the mobile contact numbers either turn their voice mail off or ensure they have their phone with them always to take your call. If the tracker has not been able to reach any of the listed numbers, it will automatically start calling the numbers again.

When the person answers your tracker, you will be able to hear them clearly without doing anything extra.

If you have a false alarm, you can stop the calling sequence by pressing the SOS button again.

If the device has reached your contact already, the contact can simply press the 1 button on their keypad to stop the sequence containing.

Or you can simply push the SOS button to stop the call.

All you need to do is press the SOS button again to end the call sequence, or your contact can press the 1 on their phone keypad to end the dialing sequence.

The device has a built-in fall detection feature that will detect a fall, the fall must be higher than 1 meter and a sudden angle change of at least 45 degrees this kind of fall is more likely to result in unconsciousness. It measures the impact, angle and speed of the fall to ascertain if a fall has occurred.

When it detects a fall, the pendant will beep for 3-4 seconds before sending out the "Fall Down Alert" messages to your emergency contacts, It will then start the calling sequence. Fall detection technology is not perfect and false alarms can happen. Every fall is different. It can be turned OFF / ON by sending a simple text command to the device from any mobile phone.  The fall detection can be made less or more sensitive to suit your requirements. By default fall detection is turned on. The default setting isFL1,5 

To change the settings send the any of the following to the devices mobile number. 

Command:  FL1,1 or FL1,2 or FL1,3 or FL1,4 or FL1,5 or FL1,6 or FL1.7 or FL1,8 or FL1,9 

1 being the most sensitive - 9 being the least sensitive  

To turn off simply text FL0

For more information please consult the user manual.


We are not qualified to give medical advice please consult your doctor or Pacemaker user Manual in regards to having a 3G Mobile Alert Device.

Or contact the Heart Foundation for Feather Advice or assistance.

When you order your Alert Device /Personal Tracker we have two ways of letting us know the contact information to be loaded on the device.

Visit our Customer Care Section: Sim Card Activation And Contact Details.

Once you have ordered your device we ame to have your device ready within 2 days from payment. 

This depends on getting your contacts, and details back to us in a timely manner.

To speed up the process you can add details to your purchase Via Personal Alarm Details, then choose to activate the sim card yourself.

The Advantages of setting up the sim card yourself is you can set up an account for the sim, that way you can set up auto recharge, have access to the credit available, and expiry date.

Once we have your information back we can start the process of getting your device ready for dispatch.

4G Life Alert Medical Alarm.

Your Mobile number will need to be in contact list to be able to change settings.

SMS command  to devices Mobile Number.

To remove number from device.

Ax,D   x=1-8

SMS A1,D         

This will delete contact 1

To add name and numbers to device.


SMS A1,040xxxxxxx,NAME

A1,040xxxxxxx,Fred Smith

A2,0895214325,Betty Jones

This will add new contacts 1,2

To be able to see device Location.

Command Code: F

SMS Command:


To be able to see device contacts.

 Command: G

SMS Command:


To Adjust the fall sensor.

Command: KLxxx

Sensitivity can be adjusted by replacing xxx with 001-255

The Fall settings range from 0-255. 1 least sensitive and 255 being the most sensitive. The device is sent with the setting at 050.

SMS Command:

 KL055 to decrease the sensitivity -5 

 KL065 to increase the sensitivity +5

To turn off fall detection.

SMS Command:


If you require help in adjusting the fall detector please contact us

Command Qx,3

x 0 = Auto Answer

x 1 = Answer incoming call by pressing call button - hanging up by pressing SOS Button.

SMS Command:

Q3,0 Auto Answer

Q3,1 Manual Answer

By pressing and hold down the SOS button for 2 seconds you will activate an emergency call. First you will feel the Alarm vibrate and then the screen will display ‘SOS’. 

SOS activation – Emergency sequencing, how does it work?

Emergency response text and phone callwill be sent within 2 seconds to your 1st Emergency Contact. The SMS will state for example – Help Peter Smith.  The location is provided via a link to Google Maps. Location accuracy is within 2.5 meters.

1st Emergency Contactwill answer the call and be advised by an automated voice to press 1 on their keypad to formally accept the call. If they do, then the alarm will activate a 2-way call and will stop the emergency sequencing thus no one else will be contacted.

Emergency call sequencing:If your 1st Emergency Contact does not answer or accept the call then the Alarm will continue with its emergency sequencing. It will call every emergency contact in order until someone answers.

To end the callthe wearer can press the SOS button firmly and quickly to end the call.

Useful information: If you have accidently activated a SOS call, a short press and release of the SOS button will cancel the emergency call and sequencing.

By Holding down the Call Buttonfor 2 seconds, the screen will show your list of contacts.

Scroll down by pressing the Power Button.

Scroll up by pressing the Call Button.

This will highlight the required number then press the SOS Button to make the call.

When activated it will show on the screen for example ‘Call out Hazel’. (who ever your contract name is)

To hang up on the call, simply press the SOS button firmly and quickly.

The 4G Personal Alarm is water-resistantbut not waterproof.

Therefore, they are not suitable to be purposefully submerged in water or to go swimming with.

For this reason, we highly recommend hanging your pendant in the shower on a hook that is within reach.

The pendant is rated IP 67 which means the pendent is limited to about 30 minutes of immersion in up to 1 meter/three feet of freshwater.

1x  4G Personal Alarm

1x $20.00 Prepaid Sim Card

1x USB Cable

1x Docking Station

1x Lanyard

1x Free Accessory

Accessories include: 

Belt Pouch/clip

Wrist Band

GPS New Generation Watch.

No. The NGW does not Support SMS Messaging.

The watch uses Voice messaging between the Watch and App.

Where you can send a 15 sec voice recorded message from the app to the watch and back again.

No, the New Generation Watch is splash proof only.

So, wearing while showering, swimming, bathing is not recommended at any time.

Tracking every 1 minute: Fast positioning mode and standby time is about 12 hours.

Tracking every 10 minutes: Standard positioning and standby time is about 24 hours.

Tracking every 1 hour: Power saving mode and standby time is over about 36 hours.

The times used here don’t take in to account.

Making calls from the watch, as call time will deplete the battery life quicker.Does not take into account the distance from the mobile towers as the farther away from the mobile signal the harder the watch will need to work to keep in contact with the mobile tower.

Yes the New Generation Watch require a sim card,

There are two devices:

Telstra 850 MHz networkOptus / Vodafone 900/2100 mhz networks

The watch requires a mobile sim card, as they make and accepts calls they also send data for their positions via the 3G mobile networks,

Data sim card more than likely will not work.

You can use most sim card providers if they operate on the 3 Major Australian networks.

You can setup GPS data uploading interval in the working mode settings, which  is related to the battery standby time. This is done by AIBEILE App

To Setup Working mode: - Setting –Working mode

Tracking every 1 minute: Fast positioning mode and standby time is about 12 hours.

Tracking every 10 minutes: Standard positioning and standby time is about 36 hours.

Tracking every 1 hour: Power saving mode and standby time is over about 48 hours.

The times used here don’t take in to account.

Making calls from the watch as call time will deplete the battery life quicker.

Does not take into account the distance from the mobile towers as the farther away from the mobile signal the harder the watch will need to work to keep in contact with the mobile tower.

Admin Number -1 Number:

Emergency Numbers - 2 Numbers:  The device will circularly dial the emergency numbers after pressing the Power/ SOS button for 5 seconds. It will call the second number if the first number is not connected, then cycle continually. (Message Bank answer may stop the Process)

WhiteList - Numbers:  The White list numbers have now been incorporated into the contact list. So only the entered contacts can call the watch.

Phone Book -15 Numbers:  A Maximum 15 contacts can be set in the phone book. After setting up your phone book list, you can choose the phone book icon on the watch via the watch home screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whitelist numbers, phonebook and family numbers can be set in completed phone number format (+61) or short number format (04).


Make sure the watch is turned off before Inserting your sim card with the chip side up.

Insert the SIM card into the card slot.

If inserted with the power on the watch will say Emergency Calls Only.

When the watches power is off, or the watch is out of range from a mobile network, the devices positioning function will not work.

Please check

Install the sim card while the watch is off, otherwise it may read Emergency call only. Please restart the device again.

SIM card is installed correctly (chip side up) If not turn off watch and reinstall correctly and start watch again.

PIN code may not be disabled, please install the SIM card into any mobile phone to disable the PIN code, then put the SIM card back into the tracker.

 APN is not setup, please setup APN

Please Take a look at the setting on the Aibeile App.

Follow the guide below for setting up the pedometer on you New Generation Watch.

Open the Health Steps Section on the app.

Click on the Setting cog top right hand corner.

Set Up the step length in cm, Setup the weight of the user. Click on the Time.

Set time of operation for counting steps.

The device supports three modes of positioning.

GPS, Wi-Fi, LBSGPS is the first To Work,

If no GPS Signal, the device will go to WIFI mode.

If no WIFI, the device will show LBS mode.

You Can force an update by pushing the tracking icon in 3.0 Live Tracking.

If Traveling in a car the device will be behind the car this will depend on location update settings. Once the car has stopped the device will catch up.

Once again you Can force an update by pushing the tracking icon in 3.0 Live Tracking.

GPS is mainly for outdoor positioning, the accuracy is around 5 - 20 meters,

Wi-Fi   positioning is mainly for indoor positioning; the accuracy is around 20 - 100 meters. 

LBS Positioning will be used if there is no GPS signal or Wi-Fi available Accuracy 100 – 1000 meters.

3.0 Refresh The Location of the watch.

Once again, the device could be in sleep mode. You Can force an update by pushing the tracking icon in 3.0 Live Tracking.

SMS CODE FOR location:  pw,123456,url#

SMS CODE FOR GPS RESTART:  pw,123456,cr#

I have lost the ID number of my watch how can I find it?

Send the SMS command below to the,123456,ts#  

Then you will get a reply with the ID and IMEI of the watch.

Why is the 3G indicator light  Not showing, and device is offline?

Please check if:

Sim Card was installed while the watch was turned on.SIM card may have no signal GPRS is not enabled, device may need to go outside to get GPS location.The SIM card has no credit.

For the tracking please take note if it is on GPS , WIFI or LBS Mode as the device uses GPS first then WIFI and last of all LBS Mode.

• GPS location 5-20m.

• WIFI location 20-100m.

• LBS Base station location: 100-1000m.

You can refresh the location by pushing the refresh button on the app map screen.

Yes, the watch comes with a 1-Year Limited Factory Warranty.


 Your warranty will be void if you do not ensue the following points.

This watch is not waterproof, so do not submerge in water.

Only use the charging cable provided.

Do not remove or tamper with the watch casing.

Please be mindful of how hard you tap the screen as excessive force can make the screen unusable and can void warranty. 

Powering off the watch: 

Click Settings

Click System

Click Others about

Click Engineer Mode

Bottom Right Corner Click -Shutdown.

Remote shutdown App:

Click More

Click Settings

Remote Shutdown

Please use remote shutdown to turn off the watch this can be found in device setting option.

Meitrack Personal Alarms.

YES. All that's needed is to send a SMS to the device via it's mobile number.

SMS CODE:  0000,A21,1,,10003,ADD APN HERE,,

Popular sim card APNs.

Telstra APN: telstra.internet

Optus APN: yesinternet

Vodafone APN:

Then you can connect the device to the MSO3 Tracking platform and setup device via your login page.

1 The battery maybe low. Charge the unit with external power for at least half an hour;

2. Make sure the unit is already connected to WCDMA network (Green LED flashes 0.1 second on and 2.9 seconds off). If not, please first refer to above question – Green LED stays 1 second on and 2 seconds off (can’t get WCDMA signal) after the unit is turned on.

3. GPRS tracking settings are not correctly set. For example, if you have set via SMS command, the format is:

SMS CODE:  0000,A21,1,,10003,ADD APN HERE,,

After making a call or SMS to the device no message is received?

1. Battery maybe low. Charge the unit with external power for at least half an hour;

2. Make sure the unit is already connected to WCDMA network (Green LED flashes 0.1 second on and 2.9 seconds off). If not, please first refer to above question – Green LED stays 1 second on and 2 seconds off (can’t get WCDMA signal) after the unit is turned on.

3. SIM card has run out of credit. Please top up the SIM card;

4. SIM card doesn’t have function of displaying incoming call number.