Keep Track G150

GPS tracker with bluetoothIridium edge for global satellite vehicle tracking & mine site asset tracking

  • G150 Vehicle Tracker: The Ultimate GPS Tracking Device for Vehicles

    The G150 Vehicle Tracker is a cutting-edge GPS/GLONASS-powered tracking device designed to provide unparalleled security and operational oversight for your vehicles. This robust and weatherproof device is ideal for use in challenging environments. It is perfect for remote assets that travel in and out of cellular network coverage, such as mine sites, oil and gas fields, and farming operations. The G150, which has replaced the G120 as of May 2024, offers advanced features that ensure your vehicles are constantly under surveillance, managed efficiently, and remain connected, no matter where they are.

    Rugged and Reliable Design

    Engineered to endure the most challenging conditions, the G150 is encased in an ultra-rugged IP68 waterproof housing, ensuring it performs reliably in extreme environments. Whether your assets are exposed to rain, dust, or extreme temperatures, the G150 stays operational, providing consistent and accurate tracking data. The device has a 3500mAh LiPo internal backup battery, ensuring continuous operation during power loss or tampering.

    Advanced Connectivity

    The G150 stands out because it can connect to the Iridium satellite network when cellular coverage is unavailable. This optional Iridium Edge® module ensures that your assets remain connected and traceable even in the most remote locations. The device also supports global connectivity with 4G and 2G fallback, guaranteeing seamless operation in urban and rural areas, regardless of your vehicle location.

    Comprehensive Monitoring and Control

    The G150 is not just a tracking device; it's a powerful fleet management solution. It features a Bluetooth® Gateway for affordable asset management and tracking, allowing you to easily monitor and manage your assets. The device offers extensive digital and analog I/O options, enabling you to customise the hardware to track seatbelt detection, pulse counting, panic buttons, and more. Additionally, the G150 supports various Driver ID systems, including iButton®, RFID Readers, and Wiegand, ensuring that only authorised personnel can operate your vehicles.

    Enhanced Safety and Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Safety is a top priority with the G150. The device monitors critical driver behaviours such as speeding, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, and idling. The G150 helps improve driver safety, reduce vehicle wear and tear, and enhance overall fleet efficiency by providing real-time data on these behaviours. In the event of unauthorised use or theft, the G150's remote immobilisation feature allows you to disable the vehicle, preventing further movement and aiding in recovery.

    Easy Installation and Versatile Application

    The G150 is designed for easy installation, making it a practical choice for many vehicles and equipment. Its plug-and-play capability lets you quickly deploy the device and start monitoring your assets without extensive setup or technical expertise. Whether you need to track mining equipment, agricultural machinery, or fleet vehicles, the G150 provides a reliable and flexible solution.

    Vehicle Tracker Features

    • High-precision GPS/GLONASS tracking device
    • Hardwired to permanent power for real-time tracking
    • 3500mAh LiPo internal backup battery ensures continuous operation even during power loss or tampering.
    • 1 x Analogue Input, 4 x Digital Inputs, 2 x Switched Ground Digital Output, 1 x Ignition Digital Input, Switched Power Out, RS232
    • RS-232 Interface to connect optional Iridium Edge® Module or interface with controllers and sensors ideal for remote worker safety
    • Bluetooth® 5.2 Gateway for tagged asset management and sensor monitoring
    • Accident and rollover detection, speeding, harsh braking, and more
    • Built-in Buzzer for in-cab alerts
    • Driver ID. Various driver ID options, including iButton®, 1-Wire®, RFID, Wiegand, and RS232 interfaces, allow you to determine who is operating the vehicles in your fleet, where, and for how long. These interfaces suit access control, driver behaviour monitoring, and digital logbook applications.
    • Dimensions: 125 x 65 x 30 mm (4.92 x 2.56 x 1.18”)

    Additional Features

    Accident and Rollover Detection: The G150 automatically detects and reports accidents and rollovers, enabling prompt response and assistance.

    Built-in Geofencing: Create virtual boundaries and receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave specified areas, enhancing security and asset management.

    SOS Alarm and Lone Worker Reporting: This system meets occupational health and safety requirements by monitoring the safety of individuals working in remote areas and providing scheduled reporting.

    GPS Tracking Applications

    • Vehicle and Fleet Tracking
    • Lone and Remote Workers
    • Australia-wide GPS Tracking
    • Out-of-cellular coverage locations
    • Fleet Tracking Systems
    • Australian OHS regulations
    • Agricultural Vehicles
    • Oil and Gas Rigs
    • Remote worker safety
    • Cold Chain Management
    • 4x4 Vehicle Tracking
    • Fishing Boats
    • Boats
    • Superyacht Tenders
    • Mining Equipment Tracking
    • Temperature Tracking
    • Trucks
    • Rental Equipment
    • Vehicles Working Remotely
    • Theft Prevention and Recovery

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    FAQ Keep Track G150 GPS Vehicle Tracker

    What is a GPS tracking device?
    A GPS tracking device uses Global Positioning System technology to determine and track the precise location of a vehicle or asset in real time.
    How does the G150 Vehicle Tracker work?
    The G150 uses GPS/GLONASS satellites to determine location and transmits this data via cellular networks or the Iridium satellite network when cellular coverage is unavailable.
    Can the G150 be used in remote areas without cellular coverage?
    The G150 can connect to the Iridium satellite network, ensuring continuous tracking and communication even in remote areas without cellular coverage.
    What features does the G150 offer for driver safety?
    The G150 monitors driver behaviours such as speeding, harsh braking, and acceleration, providing data to improve safety and reduce vehicle wear and tear. It also supports remote immobilisation in case of unauthorised use or theft.
    Is the G150 Vehicle Tracker easy to install?
    Yes, the G150 is designed for easy installation with its plug-and-play capability, making it suitable for various vehicles and equipment without requiring extensive setup.
    What industries can benefit from using the G150 Vehicle Tracker?
    The G150 is ideal for industries with remote assets, such as mining, oil and gas, agriculture, and fleet management, where reliable and continuous tracking is essential.
    The private sector can also benefit from the G150 GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Caravans, RV's Grey Nomads, Families, Youtubers, and Caravaners travelling around Australia who want to protect their modified 4x4 Caravans from theft when out on daily missions, leaving their caravans parked in remote locations.
    Why do I need to pay a subscription to track my vehicle or asset?

    Paying a subscription for a GPS tracker provides several key benefits that ensure the effective and reliable tracking of your vehicle or asset. Here’s why a subscription is necessary:

     1. Access to Satellite Networks: GPS trackers rely on satellite networks or cellular data to transmit location data. Maintaining and accessing these networks involves costs, which are covered by your subscription fees.

     2. Real-Time Data Transmission: Subscriptions ensure continuous real-time data transmission, allowing you to monitor your vehicle or asset's location without interruption. This is crucial for accurate and timely tracking.

     3. Software and Platform Maintenance: Subscription fees support the tracking software and platforms' development, maintenance, and updating. This includes ensuring user-friendly interfaces, adding new features, and fixing bugs.

     4. Customer Support: A subscription typically includes access to customer support services. This means you can get assistance with any issues or questions regarding your GPS tracker.

     5. Data Storage and Security: Your subscription helps cover the costs of storing historical tracking data securly. This ensures that your data is protected and can be accessed when needed.

     6. Enhanced Features: Many subscription plans offer advanced features such as geofencing, speed alerts, route history, and more, which enhance the functionality and value of your GPS tracker.

    In essence, the subscription fee ensures that you receive a reliable, secure, and feature-rich tracking service, providing peace of mind and enhancing the security of your vehicle or asset.

  • Keep Track G150 GPS Tracker Specifications


    Cellular Module Ublox LENA R8 Modem operates on all major global 4G Cat 1bis and 2G bands
    Supported 4G Cat 1bis bands:
    B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B12, B20, B28, B38, B40, B41, B66
    Quad-band 2G support for global 2G networks
    Bluetooth® Gateway Bluetooth 5.2 gateway reports nearby Bluetooth tags and sensors
    SIM Size & Access Internal Nano 4FF SIM


    GNSS Module Ublox LENA-R8001M10
    Constellations Concurrent GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou
    Tracking Sensitivity -167dBm GPS industry-leading tracking performance
    *Location Accuracy ~1m CEP, GPS, -130dBm
    GNSS Assistance GNSS almanac and ephemeris data for greater sensitivity and position accuracy
    Low Noise Amplifier GPS signals are filtered and boosted by a SAW filter and low-noise amplifier (LNA), allowing operation where other units fail
    Cell Tower Location Cell tower location fallback for positioning when GPS can’t get a fix

    *Positioning accuracy specifications are provided by the GNSS supplier and reflect ideal conditions. Device configuration, installation, environmental conditions, augmentation services, and many other factors may lead to variations in positioning accuracy.


    Input Voltage 8 - 33V DC (max)
    High-Performance Automotive Power Supply Stringent power ‘load dump” tests are conducted to ensure operation in the harshest automotive electrical systems. Built-in self-resetting fuse makes installation simple and safe.
    Operating Current ~25 - 50mA when moving
    ~100 - 250mA battery charging
    Intelligent Power Management The device enters sleep mode when a vehicle is inactive to prevent battery drain
    Sleep Current <50uA (no peripherals supplied and battery fully charged)
    Backup Battery 3500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery

    Mechanics / Design

    Operating Temperature -30°C to +60°C (connected to external power)
    At < 0°Cand > +40°Cthe internal backup battery will not be charged as a safety precaution due to
    the dangers associated with charging batteries at extreme temperatures.
    Cellular Antenna Internal with optional external cellular antenna for increased transmission range
    GPS Antenna Internal
    3-Axis Accelerometer 3-Axis accelerometer to detect movement, high G-force events, and more
    Diagnostic LED Diagnostic LED indicates the operation status
    Flash Memory Store weeks of records if a device is out of cellular coverage. Storage capacity for over 25 days of 30-second logging.
    Internal Buzzer Internal buzzer fitted for audible alerts for speeding, harsh driving, driver ID reminders, error conditions, input feedback, and other events
    On-Board Speed and Heading The device continuously monitors speed and heading, allowing for over-speed alerts as well as on speed and heading changes
    Onboard Temperature The device reports internal temperature and prevents the internal battery charging in extreme temperatures. Internal temperature provides an indication of ambient temperature but may not always be precise.


    Analog Input 1 x 0 - 30V Analog Input
    Auto Ranging, 12-bit ADC 0 - 30V range: 7.32mV resolution
    Digital Inputs 4 x digital inputs with congurable pull-up/down 0 - 48V DC input range
    On/Off thresholds:
    Pull-up enabled: low at 1.2V, high at 1.5V
    Pull-down enabled: low at 1.8V, high at 2.2V
    2 x Switched Ground Digital Outputs
    Easily wired up to switch external lights, relays, buzzers, etc. Can also be used to immobilize a vehicle.
    Ignition 1 x dedicated ignition digital input with congurable pull-up/down 0 - 48V DC input range
    Pulled-down in hardware: low at 1.8V, high at 2.2V
    RS-232 Can be used to connect Iridium Edge® Module or interface with controllers and other sensors
    *CAN Bus Transceiver Compatible with ISO 11898-2 High Speed CAN Physical Layer standard transceivers 3.3V standard CANP and CANN, 16V maximum
    Switched Power Out Outputs are either 5V (external power connected) or Vbatt (no external power) Max Current: 400mA The G150 can provide power to external peripherals, eliminating the need for additional external power supplies
    Wiegand Wiegand interface enables easy integration with a variety of RFID card types and readers. Existing employee access badges or IDs can be used with a wiegand reader for driver ID, permission-based actions, theft prevention, eliminating the hassle of issuing additional ID cards or fobs.
    1-Wire® or iButton® 1-Wire® or iButton® can be used to read Driver ID tags, Readers available to suit multiple card formats.

    *Firmware support for the CAN interface is not yet available. Peripherals can be considered for integration upon request.


    Accident & Rollover Detection Congure accident and rollover alerts trigger by extreme changes in velocity and orientation of vehicle or equipment. Second-by-second GPS data is saved on the device’s ash memory, with a capacity of approximately 2 hours of data. In the event of an accident, a subset of the data (60 seconds before / 10 seconds after) is uploaded to the server automatically (if congured) or can be requested manually for a detailed reconstruction of the incident.
    Driver ID Options Bluetooth® (coming soon), RFID reader, iButton®, or Wiegand interface for Driver ID, access control, and log booking
    Driver Safety & Behavior Monitor speeding, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, idling, and more to improve safety and prevent unnecessary wear on vehicles. Use the buzzer to alert drivers of these actions.
    Flexible Input Monitoring Interface with a range of devices and switches for seatbelt detection, duress and panic buttons, lights, in-cab warning buzzers, and more
    GPS Jamming Detection GPS Jamming or Interference can be detected and alerted on
    In-Vehicle Alerts Can be wired-up to external buzzers or lights for in-vehicle alerts
    On-Board Geofencing The server can use device location to create geofences and alerts if an asset enters or leaves designated locations. Geofences can also be downloaded directly to the device for enhances location- based actions and alerts. Maximum of 750 geofences with up to 100 points per geofence.
    Out-of-Cellular-Coverage Tracking Fit the G150 with an optional Iridium Edge® Module using the RS232 connection to track assets in remote areas outside of cellular coverage
    Preventative Maintenance Set reminders based on distance travelled and run hours to reduce maintenance and repair costs
    Real-Time Tracking Device remains continuously connected while on the move for real-time asset tracking
    Remote Immobilisation Digital outputs can be connected to a relay to enable remote immobilisation of vehicles and equipment in the case of theft, abuse, or unauthorised usage
    Remote Worker Safety Interface a variety of duress pendants to enable man-down alerts for remote (out-of-coverage) worker safety monitoring. Requires Iridium Edge® Module.
    Run-Hour Monitoring Capture run-hours based on movement to understand and optimize asset utilisation
    Instant alert if the device is disconnected from its power source
    Theft Recovery Switch to Recovery Mode in the case of theft or loss to activate real-time tracking for asset retrieval