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Track Me : Personal Safety

Keep Track Yabby 3 $240.00
Keep Track Barra GPS $227.00
Keep Track Oyster 3 $277.00
Keep Track Remora 3 $380.00
Keep Track Bolt OBD2 $225.00 $235.00
Keep Track DART 3 $275.00
Keep Track G70 - IP68 $350.00
Keep Track G120 Cellular and Satellite GPS Tracker $460.00
Keep Track G120 Cellular and Satellite GPS Tracker $460.00
Iridium Edge® Satellite Asset Tracker $752.86
Iridium Edge Solar™ $927.00
Keep Track G150 $495.00

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Certified Customer Reviews.

  • Rob G.

    ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator,

    The ZOLEO was very easy to operate and gave us piece of mind when in remote areas. Nathan from Keep Track was very helpful and a font of knowledge. Highly recommend both.

  • Robbie R

    Very happy
    "'I believe the plan cost is reasonable''

  • Martin K.

    Excellent product

    Completely user friendly, have used Spot gen 3. Spot Gen 4 is even better, enabling easy button interface and ease of use. Battery life is good, overall great product.

  • Michael G

    Keep Track Oyster

    Fantastic experience- Hasle free - Exactly what I wanted - Definetly would recommend - Nathan was great to deal with and very knowledgeable.

  • Jean W

    4G Life Alert Medical Alarm With GPS

    Your GPS works very well and is a great comfort . I can recommend this device to anyone. Regards Jean''

  • Vicki W

    ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator.

    ''Very happy would recommend for anyone traveling Nathan was lovely with follow up call to make sure I got my delivery highly recommend Keep Tracks GPS''

  • Trevor W

    Keep Track Remora.

    Installed and functioning very well. Received the product, installed the batteries and logged in to the web site to have it confirm my location with minutes. Provides accurate and immediate alerts to any tampering with the unit in the van and full log of it’s travels. Wonderful!!

  • Michael A

    Great Product

    Nathan was very helpful, product is very easy to use.