Keep Track G120 Cellular and Satellite GPS Tracker

  • Satellite Vehicle Tracking

    Rugged & Reliable Asset Management

    The G120 Cellular and Satellite GPS Tracker is a compact 4G LTE Cat-M1 network GPS tracker with multiple inputs/outputs to cater to the most demanding applications. The G120's best features are its Bluetooth® gateway for managing tagged assets and sensors and its ability to accept an Iridium Edge module for tracking vehicles via satellite and keeping an eye on safety from afar.

    This allows for the most flexible expansion options in the industry. All the functionality is exposed through a 24-wire connector, allowing for quick and simple installations. The internal backup battery provides alerts and tracking operations even when external power is removed. It uses offline satellite-aided technology for faster acquisition and more accurate and reliable tracking in locations where other devices just give up.

  • bluetooth connected device

    Bluetooth Gateway 5.0

    The G120 is now equipped with a Bluetooth v5.2 module, enabling it to act as a Bluetooth Gateway

    Different applications include:

    • Low-cost Bluetooth tags, like the Guppy Bluetooth Tag, can be fitted to low-value assets. When a tag is in the range of the G120, it will report to it, and the tag's location can be estimated. All without need for a SIM or data plan
    • The G120 can be installed in a truck cab, and Bluetooth® sensors in the cargo hold provide wireless temperature or other input (like if a door is open or closed).

    gps tracking remote location  iridium connected

    Logistics tracking in remote regions of WA gives drivers an SOS solution.

    The G120 GPS tracker can be connected to an optional Iridium satellite module. This enables a plug-and-play option for true out-of-coverage tracking. When in coverage, the G120 will use cellular data, but if it leaves coverage, it will fail over and upload records via the Iridium network at a less frequent rate. Complete records are logged and saved to the device flash memory, and when it returns to coverage, all will be uploaded, giving accurate, turn-by-turn trip replays and reporting. Maximise your operational efficiency with real-time status and location information. 

    The devices can be paired with duress pendants and receivers. The receiver can be connected to the digital inputs on the device, which, when activated, can trigger SOS alerts, making the G120 a powerful lone and remote worker solution. Ideally suited for remote assets Ensure remote workers are safe so far from communication.

    Vehicle and Fleet Tracking

    The G120 uses Telstra coverage when in range. There is an Iridium satellite module available for regional Australia.
    By creating geo-fences around worksites, admin users can be alerted when workers might be at risk. Reporting worker movements through geo-fences also helps to drive productivity through customised reporting of progress through geographical areas

    Remote Safety Monitoring

    The G120 + an Iridium satellite modem is ideal for remote fleet tracking with reports for WHS security, tracking, geofencing, driver ID, and accelerometer data.

    In the event of an accident, in-vehicle duress buttons and external man-down pendants can be fitted, allowing swift support responses, such as informing search and rescue. Accident detection system or black box data can provide details of GPS and accelerometer data for a two-hour window


    • High-precision GPS/GLONASS tracking device
    • Hardwired to permanent power for real-time tracking
    • Internal Backup Battery in case of loss of power or tampering
    • 1 x Analogue Input, 6 x Digital Inputs, 2 x Switched Ground Digital Output, 1 x Ignition Digital Input, Switched Power Out
    • RS-232 Interface to connect optional Iridium Edge® Module or interface with controllers and sensors ideal for remote worker safety
    • Bluetooth® 5.2 Gateway for tagged asset management and sensor monitoring
    • Configure I Button®, RFID readers and Wiegand Interface for Driver ID
    • Accident and rollover detection, speeding, harsh braking, and more
    • Built-in Buzzer for in-cab alerts
    • Dimensions: 125 x 65 x 30 mm (4.92 x 2.56 x 1.18”)
  • Applications

    • Vehicle and Fleet Tracking
    • Lone and Remote Workers
    • Australia-wide GPS Tracking
    • Out of cellular coverage locations
    • Fleet Tracking Systems
    • Australian OHS regulations
    • Agricultural Vehicles
    • Mining, Oil and Gas Rigs
    • Remote worker safety
    • Cold Chain Management
  • RFID Driver ID Reader (G120)

    The compact unit incorporates a 125 kHz RFID reader, which reads a variety of cards and key fobs.

    Plug into the device harness to install, and it works with a range of programmable driver IDs, key fobs, and cards.

    • 5cm typical read range (can read through plastic or a dashboard)
    • Plugs into the DMCAN peripheral plug on the Keep Track G120 harness for easy installation
    • Includes a LED and buzzer for reminding drivers to swipe their card
    • Compatible with the EM4001 RFID standard
    RFID Driver ID GPS Tracking Accessory
  • Iridium Satellite Modem

    Supplements existing cellular-based solutions and enables dual-mode capabilities

    By integrating Iridium Edge with a vehicle’s GPS tracker, it offers a great solution for fleet management, telematics, and safety. The Iridium Edge offers a complete iridium-connected solution. 

    A panic button–activated by the Iridium Edge–sends an SOS and precise coordinates to emergency responders, saving valuable time. Fast time-to-market is a critical need in today's evolving asset tracking and fleet management environment. Iridium Edge features an all-in-one Short Burst Data (SBD) module and antenna, along with a power supply. The plug-and-play satellite IoT device can be easily paired with existing satellite and cellular solutions without complicated integration or development requirements.

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