Iridium Edge® Satellite Asset Tracker

  • Iridium Edge - Short Burst Data Satellite Modem

    Dependable IoT Business Solution for Remote Environments

    Leverage your existing terrestrial-based solutions for fleet management, telematics, safety, and other remote monitoring applications through Iridium Edge™

    An off-the-shelf, reliable satellite communications device that complements existing cellular GPS tracking solutions to create dual-mode connectivity for the most remote and inaccessible areas of the world.

    Fast time-to-market is a critical component in today’s highly competitive communications environment. Iridium Edge™ 1601 is a turnkey, environmentally sealed, rugged hardware device suitable for the G120 Hybrid GPS Tracker that reduces the cost and complications associated with hardware development, manufacture, and certification of the satellite-specific terminal.

    Key Features

    • Hardware-Ready Device for Simple, Low-Risk Integration

    • Low-Cost Device for Affordable Customer Adoption

    • Satellite Add-On for Truly Global Coverage

    • Available off the shelf for quick time-to-market

    • Comes as a screw-mount module with optional magnetic mount kit

    • Robust Power Supply for Industrial Installations

    • Environmentally sealed for Australia's harsh conditions

    • 180° Line of Sight for Compromised, Partially Blocked Locations

    • Iridium Short Burst Data® (SBD®) Modem for Iridium’s Superior Network Advantages

    Key Markets

    • Fleet GPS Tracking Management

    • Remote Monitoring

    • Asset GPS Tracker

    • Maritime Tracking Safety

  • Specifications

    Specifications Value
    Dimensions: 130 mm (L) x 80 mm (W) x 30 mm (H)
    Ingress Protection: IP 67 Side and Bottom Cable Exits
    Power Supply: (9-32V), SAE J1455 Load Dump Protected
    Connector: M12-8 pin male, terminated on 20cm Pigtail Cable
    Maximum Power : 1.6W ( Peak for Short Transmit Burst)
    Low Power Modes : < 100uA
    Reverse Polarity Protection
    Operating Temperature Range: -40C to 85C
    Storage Temperature Range: -40C to 85C
    Certifications (Pending) Iridium® Satellite Network Certification
    FCC, IC, CE, Australia Approvals
    RoHS Compliant
    Interfaces RS232 AT Command Interface
    On/Off Control Lines
    Network Message Size : 240 bytes (Receive), 370 bytes (Transmit)
    Frequency : 1616 – 1626.5 MHz
    SBD Transceiver: Iridium 9602N
    Antenna: Integrated Iridium® Certified Antenna
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