Movement Based Tracking - Oyster3, Remora3, Yabby3

October 07, 2023 2 min read 2 Comments

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What is Movement-Based Tracking?

When we refer to “movement-based tracking,” the device is using the accelerometer and GPS in tandem to detect movement, varying the updated rates accordingly. This means the device “sleeps” in an extremely low power state until woken by the accelerometer. Once woken, it checks for GPS and log position updates. This adaptive technology offers several benefits in tracking:

Increased Battery Life

Running the accelerometer in a low power state is far less energy-intensive than constantly running a GPS module. This results in the exceptionally long battery lifetimes seen in our product range.

Optimised Data Use and Data Collection

Get valuable tracking data when it’s needed (for example, when your asset is on the move) and scale back when you don’t (when the asset is stationary). Movement-based tracking ensures the device isn’t sending constant updates and using SIM data when it doesn’t have to, while still allowing for valuable data capture when it matters.

Timely Movement Alerts for Theft Prevention

Devices with accelerometers can be configured to upload after even the slightest movements are detected, triggering an immediate alert. These movement alerts are highly configurable, so you get the notifications you need, when you need them, to keep your assets safe.

Trip Tracking with Enhanced Accuracy

Our battery-powered devices such as the Remora3 and Oyster3 can operate in ‘Standard GPS Tracking’ or ‘Jostle Based’ modes.

The “Standard” GPS tracking mode will have the accelerometer wake the device from sleep when small movements are detected. The GPS is checked to see if it has moved far from the original position. Once it has moved past a configurable threshold, only then is a trip started and an alert sent. This prevents small movements and bumps resulting in many trips and uploads, which wastes battery life and complicates reporting.

Alternatively, “Jostle Mode” begins a trip based on accelerometer movement and can be used to track shorter trips (like moving a trailer in a yard) or monitoring run hours when an asset is vibrating (a stationary pump for example). The level of vibration required is easily configurable please get in touch with us.

Other Firmware Features That Use 3-Axis Accelerometers Include:

Accident and Rollover Detection (powered vehicle trackers like the Bolt2, G70, Dart3, G120)
Harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering alerts and detection (powered vehicle trackers)
High–G Events / Impact Detection
Tilt sensing (Guppy)
Man Down Alerts (Yabby Cellular )
Inactivity Timers (Most devices)
Run hour monitoring based on the vibration of assets

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Keep Track GPS
Keep Track GPS

November 03, 2023

Hi Dave, Thank you for your input; it is really helpful. Hopefully, this article has helped readers understand how movement-based tracking on our battery-powered GPS trackers works and how they may benefit from them.

Keep Track Team

David Swift
David Swift

November 03, 2023

Discovering movement-based tracking on Keep Track GPS has been a game-changer for me! The blog explains it so clearly, and now I understand how this feature adds a whole new level of precision to my tracking needs. Keep Track GPS makes technology feel so accessible and user-friendly.

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