March 28, 2021 1 min read


GPS Tracking Smartphone App

Fringe benefits Tax reporting is included in the Fleet Management Software. This allows a user or organisation to categorise their business and private trips as well as capture comments about the trip to meet the tax authority requirements of FBT reporting.

Meets ATO Requirements

This information can be viewed in your trip reports as well as FBT reports via our Telematics Guru Tracking App.
Ideal products are the Dart2G62, and G120, hard-wired devices.
The 5-digit keypad is an alternative way of capturing a business or private trip in a vehicle rather than allocating the trips on the website later.
Look out for an upcoming FBT app that will prompt the driver to enter the relevant details pre- and post-trip, which will then be automatically uploaded to the platform for ease of reporting.


GPS Tracking Smartphone App for Business



Download the free GPS tracking smartphone app for iOS or Android!

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