SmartOne C Input Cable - 8-22 Volt

  • Smartone C 8 volts-22 volts Power Cable

    • 8-volt DC to 22-volt DC Power Cable
    • Two dry contacts for sensor connections
    • Automatic switching to Smartone C internal AAA batteries if needed

    The SmartOne C includes 4 AAA batteries, which can power the unit for up to 750 days. This cable is for hard wiring the SmartOne C to your boat, trailer, caravan, or asset’s 12v battery system. If your SmartOne C is disconnected from its power source, it will automatically switch to the internal AAA batteries and continue regular operation.

    When using the 8–22 volt external input cable, the supply voltage applied to the + wire must be between 8 volts DC and 22 volts DC. If less than 8 volts DC is applied, the relay will not function properly, and if more than 22 volts DC is applied, the relay may be damaged.

    PN# 2030-0307-01

  • Power/IO Cable for SmartOne C 8–22 V Universal Input Cable

    Specifications Value
    Model Number 2030-0310-01
    Brand Globalstar
    Colour Black
    Accessory Type Power /IO Cable
    Input Power 8 to 22-volt DC
    Output 5 volts DC
    Consumption 15 -18mA
    Waterproof IP67 Rated
    Cable Length 220cm
    Weight 160g
    Operating Temperature -30°C to + 60°C
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