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On October 9th, 2019, Telstra officially announced that they would be shutting down the 3G/ NextG 850MHz network across Australia in June 2024 (Exact date TBC)

Telstra has announced they will be switching off the 3G mobile network [Next G] in June-2024. While this is still a while away, they are making the announcement now, so their customers have plenty of time to change to newer devices if they have a 3G only device.

Between now and then they will be upgrading and expanding their 4G coverage to a materially equivalent size and reach their 3G footprint.

They launched the 3G network in 2006 and it was innovative technology at the time. They now offer their customers extensive 4G coverage which provides vastly better data speeds and improved customer experience.

The telco said in a blog post. We are working to assess our product range and all current areas with 3G only coverage to give their customers the best possible experience on 4G and 5G"

As customers increasingly move from 3G to take up the benefits of newer technology they will be repurposing the 850MHz spectrum, currently used to provide 3G coverage, to support their 5G rollout.


The last time the telco shut down a network was in 2016 with the closure of its 2G network. There was far less lead time on the implementation of that decision, with it only being announced in 2014. This time around Australians have over four years to prepare.

What does this mean for Keep Track GPS customers?


  • Any GPS Tracking devices utilizing 3G (NextG) 850MHz modules will cease functioning in June 2024.

  • To continue using the Telstra network in Australia all GPS Tracking devices must utilize a modem or module that is at minimum compatible with LTE Band 28 (700MHz) which Telstra refers to as 4GX.

  • For optimal performance Keep Track GPS recommends customers to deploy 4G CAT-M1 GPS trackers to provide maximum coverage.

  • As of October 2019, the Telstra LTE Band 28 (700MHz) network covers 99.2% population coverage and there are plans in place to increase coverage to have network parity with the current 3G network before June 2024.

  • While Telstra are maintaining the NextG network until June 2024, you may notice a reduction in coverage in some areas where tuning and re-farming is taking place.

How can Keep Track GPS help?

  • Customers with 3G GPS vehicle trackers, personal alarms can either upgrade to a 4G device, or change their sim cards, if compatible frequency permits to another provider Optus or Vodafone who have not announced shutdown dates yet.

  • If you are not a Keep Track GPS customer and are interested in upgrading your GPS tracking devices to a 4G version, please contact us at

Published 10/11/2019

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