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Subscription For MS03 Tracking System

The MS03, third-generation Meitrack GPS Tracking System, is a server-based online positioning tracking platform.
You can monitor vehicles, people, and objects equipped with trackers in real time on our web page and mobile devices.

Giving you access and control via remote management.

  • Log on to our demo Site:


    Meitrack MS03

    User Name: demo

    Password: demo

    Mso3 App

  • Functions

    • Reports
    • Event report
    • Event statistics
    • Historical data
    • Speed curve
    • Speed pie
    • Parking report
    • Travel report
    • Mileage statistics
    • Sensor report
    • Sensor average
    • Photo report
    • Scheduling screen upload info
    • Driver IO status record
    • Maintenance report
    • Statistics report
    • Transfer credit reports
    • User operation record
    • Online upgrade



    • Account & Tracker
    • Parameter settings
    • Car info
    • RFID card
    • Polygon geo-fence binding
    • Polygon geo-fence
    • LED settings
    • Fuel sensor
    • Temperature sensor
    • Customize
    • Alarm contact
    • Driver info
    • Sending command


    Small Business & Fleet Management

    At Keep Track Gps we understand every business is not the same.

    Every Business is different in how it functions and operates.

    We Can customise a package that suits your business needs.Please contact us in regards to catering for your business needs today.

    These can include: 

    • Fuel Sensors
    • Ultrasonic Fuel Sensors
    • Temperature Sensors
    • LED Boards 
    • I Button Readers & Detectors 
    • Relays For Fuel Cut off 


    Keep Track GPS trackers are fitted with the latest GPS Chipsets. They use the "Satellite" Global Positioning System for their position. The Collected Data is sent  via a 3G sim card in the device, this will provide you access to your data from your tracking platform or mobile application.

    Supplied Sim Cards remain the property of KEEP TRACK GPS terms and conditions do apply. We reserve the right to charge for excess data or sms usage subject to fair usePolicy.