ELA Blue Puck Mag - Bluetooth Magnetic Door Sensor

  • Blue Puck Mag Bluetooth Door Sensor

    The Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled Blue Puck Mag sensor is incredibly small. This sensor, which is 100% autonomous and durable, allows for the secure transportation of goods by monitoring the opening and closing of truck doors.

    Door opening detection

    Detect the opening of truck doors to secure the movement of commodities. The driver receives a real-time notification on his smartphone when the door is opened in an unauthorised location thanks to Bluetooth magnetic sensors, which help combat theft and aggression.

    How does a door sensor work?

    The magnetic detection sensor uses magnetism to detect when doors are opened. The sensor is attached to a fixed part, such as a door frame, and the magnet is attached to a moving part (e.g., the door). They must be close together.
    This Bluetooth-connected sensor transmits at regular intervals to communicate its "state," 0 or 1, which corresponds to an "open" or "closed" status. The gateway (G120, Remora3, or Oyster Edge Devices) picks up the signal and transmits it back to the platform servers. When the magnet and sensor are separated by more than 2cm, the sensor's state changes (from 0 to 1), indicating that a door opening has been detected. If this state change occurs in an unauthorised area, an alert can be sent to the account administrator informing them of the change in status or door open / close state. The driver or business will then receive a real-time alert notification via the Telematics Guru smartphone app notifications or email alerts.