ELA Blue Lite ID (IDF28240)

  • Blue LITE ID Identification Beacon

    Ultra-thin, Removable battery, LED, 100% autonomous

    Smaller, more resistant, and more intelligent, the Blue Lite ID is the ideal beacon for identifying people and small equipment in industrial environments. 100% autonomous, this Bluetooth beacon can be used as a key ring, badge or from a lanyard but also stuck to equipment thanks to its high-performance adhesive back.

    The solution for locating equipment indoors and in real-time responds to numerous challenges, such as security, performance optimization, maintenance of equipment, and automation of specific previously manual tasks while ensuring one location per floor. This industrial solution can be deployed using different technologies, each with its own characteristics. However, these all rely on 100% autonomous tags with a long lifespan.

  • Specifications Value
    Frequency 2.4 GHz - Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2
    Output power Up to +4 dBm (configurable)
    Range Up to 300 meters open field (+4 dBm)
    Transmission period Two advertising periods can be configured (value between 0,1 and 86400 seconds). Transition from one to another according to configurable sensor threshold
    Radio frame format ELA ID (15 bytes identifier)
    Parameters and configuration Interface/protocol: NFC (Type 2)
    Connected mode LED indicator (ON / OFF) command / Battery level
    Power supply 3 VDC – replaceable CR2032 battery
    Battery life ID (ELA): up to 5 years
    Battery level Low battery warning in advertising frames (<15%) Battery voltage in scan response frames (configurable)
    Dimensions 45mm length, 23.2mm width, 5.3mm height, one hole for M2 fixing
    Weight 8g
    Materials Casing: ABS+PC (UL94V0, halogen-free, medical grade) Seal: TPE
    Operating temperature -30°C to +70°C
    Waterproofness IP 65
  • ELA Blue Lite ID Fact Sheet