Keep Track RFID Reader

Driver ID RFID Reader For GPS Tracking Device

The Compact 125kHz RFID Reader is compatible with the Dart3, G120, devices. Driver lists can be downloaded to the device to enable uninterrupted operation when out of coverage.

Identify your drivers quickly and effectively with driver identification. Excellent for a variety of machines and fleet sizes. Ideal for drivers who need accountability while operating many vehicles or who may utilise multiple driver ID cards. Assets can be immobilised in conjunction with a relay that has been installed to prevent unsafe or unapproved drivers from using them.

  • 5cm typical read range (can read through plastic / dashboard)
  • Plugs into the peripheral plug on the Dart3 or G120 harness for easy installation.
  • Includes a LED and buzzer for reminding drivers to swipe their card.
  • Compatible with the EM4001 RFID standard.
  • Optional 125kHz HID reader option