Vehicle Tracking Plans.


GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Whether your assets are deployed in mining, construction, transport, rental-hire, or any other industry, Keep Track GPS provides total visibility over your fleet.
"Our fleet vehicle management system enables logistics firms to track deliveries using satellite technology."
Keep Track GPS helps you increase your operational efficiency and asset utilisation. Reducing time spent searching for assets, reducing unnecessary service schedules, and reducing unnecessary capital on excess assets.

Keep Track GPS ensures you always have the information you need to deploy the closest, most suitable asset to the job.

Keep Track GPS LTE solutions provide asset location data and alarm information, among many other features.

Out of mobile network coverage doesn’t mean out of sight with Keep Track GPS. Whether you work in transport, exploration, mining, remote construction, tourism, or any other remote industry, Keep Track GPS can provide visibility over your remote vehicle fleet.

Keep Track GPS's satellite vehicle tracking solutions offer full visibility of the location, status, and safety of each member of your fleet.
Increase your operational efficiency and personnel safety by pinpointing the location of your vehicles, ensuring that they are put to the best possible use.

Duress buttons can be fitted for workers that may need to leave their vehicles to check that load at the back of the truck. Pendants have a range of up to 450 metres, making them a great solution for out-of-coverage areas.


    • Maintain visibility of your fleet, whether they are lighting towers, drill rigs, mining equipment, construction equipment, remote personnel, or anything that moves.
    • Minimise time wasted searching for equipment; ensure your maintenance and support teams are spending time utilising the assets, not looking for them.
    • Be alerted of events such as "unauthorised movement," "engine on," "door opened or closed," and "cold chain temperature management and humidity."
    • Effective group management means simplified operations for large fleets of assets.

Functionality Standard Business Satellite
Monthly Operating Cost Per Device (Including GST) $18.50 $23.50 $75.00
 Compatible Devices Bolt, Dart, G70, G120 Bolt, Dart, G70, G120 G120 + Iridium Edge
Full Telstra Network
[ When in trip ] Location fix: 3 minutes
Turn-by-turn tracking
[ When in trip ] Location fix: 60 seconds 
[ When in trip ] Satellite Location Fix: 30 minutes 
Heart beat update out of trip Hourly
Trip history
Recovery Mode
Run Hours, Idling Hours, and Out-of-hours Usage
Asset Location Sharing
Driver Identification [ RFID readers and tags ]
Local Speed Limit Lookups
Tags, Trip Comment
Departments, Projects
Business / Private Trips
Vehicle Logbook, Service & Maintenance,
In Vehicle Monitoring System [IVMS] functionality
Scheduled Report
Scheduled Maintenance
Asset utilisation detail
Asset Run Hours, Idling Hours, and Out-of-hours Usage
Movement alerts
Geo-fence alerts
Speeding alerts
Crash and Rollover alerts
Harsh Driving alerts
Seatbelt alerts
Unlimited Software Users
Unlimited App Users
Business Hours Support
2 Year Warranty

*Note: All Tracking Plans are for a minimum 3-month Term. **Note: All pricing is in Australian dollars and includes 10% GST (applicable to Australian residents only)

Vehicle tracking plans are available to approved customers through automatic payments / direct debit applications. One tracking plan is required per unit.  A compatible GPS tracking device is required to access the Keep Track vehicle tracking service. Keep Track GPS may apply location-barring where fraudulent use is suspected or for credit control purposes. The minimum contract term is 3 months. The minimum cost for vehicle tracking services over 12 months is Keep Track Standard $222.00, Keep Track Business $282.00, Keep Track Satellite plan $945.00 over 12 months, plus the cost of the GPS tracking device. Satellite tracking requires a one-off connection fee of $45.00 AUD per asset.