Driver Identification Solution For Vehicles and Fleets

December 05, 2023 3 min read

GPS equipment tracking driver identification

GPS Vehicle Tracking: Driver ID

GPS vehicle tracking has become an essential tool that empowers businesses to actively monitor driver safety and vehicle performance in real-time, track their movements, and verify their compliance with safety and efficient practises. However, one feature that is often overlooked is driver identification. In this article, we will discover the importance of driver ID along with GPS vehicle tracking and how it can benefit your business with the use of fleet vehicle solutions.

What Does Driver Identification Do?

Driver monitoring is a feature in GPS vehicle tracking systems that allows businesses to identify which driver is operating a specific vehicle at any given time. This is done through the use of a unique identification tag, or RFID card, that is assigned to each driver. The driver must swipe their tag before starting the vehicle, and the GPS system will then track their movements and activities.

This feature isolates your vehicle’s ignition system, making it almost impossible to start the engine until it is unblocked. This is achieved by installing an automotive relay on the starter motor, which is controlled by the vehicle's tracking device's digital outputs. Activating the vehicle's digital output simply activates the relay, which in turn disables the starter motor.

The authorised driver feature controls the vehicle’s ignition, preventing any uncertified drivers from starting the engine until a valid ID is scanned. Therefore, only authorised operators are able to start your vehicles. Each time an RFID tag is swiped on the reader to start a vehicle, the tag ID is logged on the GPS tracking system, and all the tracking data is associated with the active driver.


Driver ID Wiring Diagram For Dart3 GPS Tracker
Driver ID Wiring Diagram For g120 GPS Tracker



Why is Having Driver Tracking Important For Fleet Vehicles?

Driver identification offers several benefits for businesses that rely on GPS vehicle tracking. Here are some of the key reasons why driver ID is important:

Accountability and Safety

By using driver ID, businesses can hold their drivers accountable for their actions while on the road. This can help improve driver behaviour and reduce the risk of accidents. In the event of any incidents, GPS real-time tracking can provide valuable data to determine the cause and hold drivers accountable.


Young woman learning to drive business vehicles - Fleet driver tracking

Efficient Resource Management

With driver ID, businesses can track the usage of their vehicles and ensure that they are being used for authorised purposes. This can help prevent unauthorised use of company vehicles, reduce fuel costs, and improve overall resource management.

Accurate Payroll and Billing

Driver ID can also help businesses accurately track the hours worked by each driver and ensure that they are paid accordingly. This can eliminate any discrepancies in payroll and billing, saving time and money for the company.

Tracking Temporary Drivers

In some cases, businesses may need to track the movements of vehicles with temporary drivers. In such cases, it is possible to get a temporary driver ID for the operator. This ID will not be linked to a specific driver, but it will still allow the GPS tracking system to track the vehicle's movements.


Driver ID is a crucial feature in GPS vehicle tracking that offers numerous benefits for businesses. It allows for accountability, efficient resource management, and accurate payroll and billing. In cases where a driver's identity cannot be disclosed, a non-driver ID can be obtained. If you are a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, consider implementing driver ID within your GPS tracking system to improve your operations and ensure the safety of your drivers and vehicles.

Driver ID: What is your experience using it?

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