SmartWitness KP2 Dual Facing Fleet Telematics 4G LTE Dash Cam

  • Sensata KP2 Telematics Dash Camera

    Add a driver-facing AI camera to this road-facing dashcam anytime with Snap-on simplicity—this is true flexibility in video telematics.

    With the Snap-On driver-facing infrared camera attached, you can use the Driver Safety System. The DSS keeps an eye on your driver's; it can also emit audible alerts to distracted and fatigued drivers and then upload video of each incident for future review.
    Even without the interior camera and DSS, the KP2 is still feature-packed. Full HD (1080p) recording Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, and 4G LTE give you 24/7 access to your vehicle's location and cameras. Automatic incident uploads let you know of alerts the moment they happen.
    The integrated ADAS (Assisted Driver Alert System) helps prevent collisions before they happen by delivering various audible alerts to warn the driver of potential collisions and important road alerts such as collisions and proximity warnings. Options include real-time tailgating, forward collisions, and pedestrian presence alerts.

  • Key Features

    1080p Full HD 1920 x 1080 Road-Facing Forward-Looking Camera with GPS, EMS, and video telematics
    Optional "Plug and Play" Add-On Infrared 720p HD Interior-Facing Cabin Camera
    The Driver Safety System detects distracted driving, fatigue, phone use, seatbelt use, and smoking.
    SmartView Telematics Reporting, Management / Live View Portal
    140° Wide-Angle Lens
    ADAS Advanced Driver-Assistance System with real-time collision avoidance alerts
    Built-in Microphone Audio recording can be disabled
    Failsafe technology ensures video uploads during catastrophic events.
    Built-in 4G-LTE with Cloud Connectivity
    64GB MicroSD card pre-installed
    Built-In GPS location recording
    Easy to install
    Intuitive/automated operation — little training required

    Benefits for Your Business

    • Recruit and retain skilled drivers.

      The KP2's unobtrusive, driver-friendly ADAS feature set assists rather than annoys drivers, providing a manageable number of real-time alerts for safety and nonpunitive skill building. Forward-facing camera and in-cab audio protect your operators from unwarranted blame in case of an accident, and free AIDE software minimises driver frustration over false positives

    • Improve your fleet's efficiency.

      Reduced accident rates and repair time. Increased fleet productivity and decreased operating costs. Improved driver performance and safety, job satisfaction, and retention. These are proven measurable positives of video telematics and ADAS technology. KP2 delivers them at a lower cost.

    • Reduce accidents, litigation, and insurance costs.

      With its unique, built-in mix of ADAS, DSS, and video telematics, the KP2 makes drivers better at their jobs and provides solid proof to lower the costs of accidents, lawsuits, and insurance premiums.

    • Minimise the risk of new technology adoption.

      The KP2 is fast and easy to install, minimising installation-related disruptions of fleet operations. It's easy to learn, reducing training time to a minimum. The KP2's competitive price supplies operational improvement at a low cost.

    Easy to install, use and swap out

    The modular windshield-mounted design offers plug-and-play ease.  Installation  is so easy that end users can do it; easy to operate with a minimum of training required; easy to swap out for servicing. Users will appreciate the time this saves, giving them more time on the road.

    Driver Safety System

    With the optional interior camera plugged in, fleet operators can use the Driver Safety System. The DSS is designed to monitor driver safety and help prevent risky driving behaviour. The interior infrared camera always monitors the driver and detects potentially dangerous situations such as driving while using a cell phone, fatigue, and smoking. When detected, the camera emits a beep to alert the driver and will trigger notifications and upload video if connected to a mobile network.

    Advanced Driver-Assistance System

    All the recorded information is great after an accident, but what if it could be avoided altogether? With the built-in ADAS, the KP2 will deliver various audible alerts to warn the driver of potential collisions and important road alerts. Forward Collision Warning: Alerts driver of a potential rear-end collision. Forward Proximity Warning: There's an object in the forward proximity and a collision is possible at low speeds. Lane Departure Warning: Your vehicle crosses a solid lane line on either side of the road. Forward Vehicle Start Alert: The vehicle in front of you begins to move while you remain stopped.


    KP2’s modular windshield-mounted road-facing camera offers forward visibility and edge-based advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) safety alerts. Add the ingenious Snap-on driver-facing camera to the unit — now or later — for video and AI-powered driver status monitor (DSM) features. This is true flexibility in a cloud-based video telematics solution that’s sleek, plug and play, simple and affordable.

    Add Driver-Facing Now or Later
    Innovative modular design makes it easy to snap on the edge-based driver-facing camera to the road-facing unit, adding edge-based DSM functionality at the time of installation or later.

    Flexible Array of ADAS/DSM Features

    ADAS options include tailgating, forward collision, and pedestrian alerts; DSM options include driver fatigue, distracted driver, driver phone use and driver smoking alerts. Real-time driver notification with natural language voice alerts.

    Fast and Easy Installation

    Unique plug-and-play harness design enables installation so simple that customers can do it themselves; snap-off removal simplifies device servicing and replacement.

    • Road-facing HD camera with GPS, EMS, and video telematics
    • Snap-on driver-facing camera ADAS/DSM features with real-time natural language driver notification
    • Simple plug-and-play installation
    • Artificial Intelligence Driving Events (AIDE) at no extra cost
    • Automated switching from GPS to A-GPS as necessary
    • 64GB SD card that stores over 50 hours of HD footage before beginning to overwrite

    What's In the Box

    KP2 Forward-Facing Dash Camera
    Mounting Bracket
    3-Wire Type Power Cable
    Removable Wedge Block Interior Camera Placeholder
    Torx Wrench
    Micro SD Card Pre-Installed
    Double-Sided 3M Tape
    2 Alcohol wipes for cleaning the windshield glass before installation of the KP2
    Quick start sticker with a QR code for app and to view installation instructions

    Optional Module

    KP2 Inside-Facing Dash Camera Add-On Module

  • KP2 Modular HD Road-Facing/Driver-Facing Dashcam


    Refer to this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to install your KP2 video telematics camera.


    Scan the QR codes below to download the SmartWitness KP2 Installer Application. Use the app to complete the KP2 installation in your vehicle.


    KP2 User Guide

    Learn more about the functionality, specifications, and warranty information regarding your KP2 device.

    KP2 Pro Install Guide

    Hard wire installs of the KP2 hardware in your vehicles