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Personal Alarm for the Elderly

Personal alarm for seniors enables the user to activate and emergency text message via a single push of the SOS button. Up to 5 nominated mobile numbers are instantly sent a alert message notifying the recipient of the emergency and location.

It will then ring the first person on that list automatically and allow a 2-way conversation. If the first person does not answer it will dial through the list until someone does.

The pendant can make an out going to call to one nominated number only via a smaller button located on the side. All numbers nominated can call the pendant.

With a inbuilt fall down alert, real time GPS tracking and so much more, this little Pendent is a perfect unit to help a fiercely independent love one stay safe and connected. 

  • Features of the 3G GPS Personal Alarm Pendant

    Emergency contacts

    5 nominated mobile numbers are instantly sent a text message notifying the recipient of the emergency and location. The location is provided via a link to Google Maps. Location accuracy is within 2.5 meters.

    Emergency call sequencing

    It will then ring the first person on that list automatically and allow a hands free 2-way conversation. If the first person does not answer it will dial through the list until someone does.

     Programing and changing pendant settings

    Changing settings or mobile numbers is simple!  Commands can be sent via text message to the pendants mobile number, the pendant will then text you back to confirming the change. We provide you with the Commands in our User Guide.

    Geo fencing

    The pendant can be set with perimeter alarms around geographical locations. This can be done by text messaging the pendant, however if you would like to set up several alarms. i.e. In the event a loved one has dementia or is drawn to unsafe locations, so the geofencing alarm will activate an emergency message response when the pendant enters or leaves the fenced area, we can assist you to set this up based on individual needs.

    OOO emergency number

    000 can be used as a contact, however a text message will not be received by emergency services, so the wearer must be able to provide the 000 operators with their location. We recommend that contacts 1- 4 are carer’s/family members who can assess the emergency and call 000 in the event of an emergency as they will have the location and medical history.

    Side call button

    For peace of mind one nominated number can be programmed into the pendant to make a normal outgoing call; by pressing the side call button the wearer can talk to the nominated number hands free via the high quality inbuilt microphone and speaker. Anyone can call the pendant, you just need to decide who you want to give your number to.

    Fall detection

    When a fall is detected the pendant has two setting options. The first options will text message all emergency contacts notifying a fall has been detected or the second option will enact a text message and emergency call sequence. In the event of a fall, we always suggest to also press the SOS button.  

    Low battery alarm

    An optional Low Battery alarm ensures the pendant is ready when needed. Battery life depends on tracking options but can range from Live Tracking Mode:18-24 Hours/ Smart Power Saving Mode: 3~5 Days/Standby time up to: 2~7 days/Deep Sleep Mode: 30 Days if No movement at all.

    GPS Tracking options

    At any time, a carer/family member can track the pendant’s location via text message commands, Smart Phone, Tablet and PC App. For more information regards tracking platforms check out page 5.

    Water/Dust Proof

    The 3G GPS Alert Pendant is internationally rated IP65 which is splash/dust proof, it can be worn in the rain/shower however we recommend you hang it on a hook when in the shower and do not submerge in water.

  • Specifications 

    1. Dimension: 61mm * 44mm * 16mmWeight: 35g
    2. Weather-proof IPx5,
    3. Mini sized, Rubber coloured cover Device can be charged via the docking station or micro USB.
    4. Real time tracking and monitoring.
    5. Fall detection for Children and Elderly
    6. Simple help alert- sos button activation.
    7. High GPS accuracy and AGPS support.
    8. Low GPRS data flow AGPS, TTFF in 30 seconds (10 seconds for GPRS included)
    9. GPS UBlox G7020 (Supports AGPS)
    10. Channels: 50
    11. Backup battery: Rechargeable, 3.7V, 800mAh(Li-Polymer)
    12. Charging voltage: 5V DC
    13. 4 working modes for power management.
    14. Live Tracking Mode:18-24 Hours
    15. Smart Power Saving Mode: 2-3 Days
    16. Deep Sleep Mode: 30 Days if No movement at all
    17. Standby time up to: 2~7 days
    18. Built in 3D motion and Vibration sensor
    19. Voice monitoring Two-way Voice communication. (high quality sounds and hands-free)
    20. Flash Memory: Built in 1MB memory
    21. SIM Card: Micro SIM card
    22. Firmware upgrade over the air.
    23. Reply map link of current position.
    24. Via SMS [ Loc ] Geo-fencing alarm,
    25. Over speed alarm.
    26. Movement alarm.
    27. Receiver frequency: 1575.42 MHz
    28. Antenna: Built-in ceramic antenna
    29. Real time tracking, via google maps from your web browser or on the go with the Smart Phone Mobile APP. (Access Fees may apply)
    30. Communication: Embedded TCP/ IP over GPRS class 10, SMS messages,
    31. Voice Cold starts: approx. 32 S, typical TTFF (95%)
    32. Warm start: approx. 32 S, typical TTFF (95%)
    33. Hot start: approx.: 1 S, typical TTFF (95%)
    34. WCDMA Module: (900 / 2100 MHZ)
  • What's included 


    1x 3G Mobile Alert Device

    1x $30.00 Sim Credit

    1x Lanyard

    1x Plug- Charging Cable

    1x Charging Cradle

    1x User Manual PDF

    1x Quick User Guide

    Your pendant will be delivered, ready to go with an activated sim card from your preferred mobile network ( Optus, Vodafone), pre-programmed with your personalised numbers and access to a preferred tracking app (nominated by you).

    The only ongoing cost to you, is the cost of adding credit to your sim card and this really depends upon how you are using the device.  In the event you are using it only for emergency situations and your loved one does not wander off and become confused then SMS tracking is perfect.

    You can send a text message to the device asking for its location. It will then send back a text message with a link which will take your smartphone to a google map that will display their exact location.

    A $30 credit on your sim card could last you up to 6 months. If your loved one uses the pendant also as a mobile by making outgoing calls via the side button to that one nominated number, then that call will cost you the same as any mobile call hence depleting your credit faster.For a loved one who wanders off and requires assistance, then we do suggest the tracking apps. The app will communicate with the pendant to always know its location and track that on a platform for you. By doing this it will require data to send the information. Data will reduce the credit on your sim card, so your credit will reduce quicker and you may find the credit will last you approximately 8-10 weeks.

    It is your responsibility to recharge the card directly with the telco company or consider an automatic recharge or small monthly plan, however we don’t suggest a monthly plan until you fully understand how the pendant will be used in your circumstances.

  • GPS Tracking


    Option 1 – SMS Tracking

    By simply sending text messages to your pendant you can find out the exact location. Send a text message with the command: Loc



    Option 2 – Smart Locate

     Smart Locate Is a Paid Tracking Software for your Smart Phone, Tablet and PC.

    They offer a 14-day free trial, after that it requires payment $3.00 USD Monthly pay via PayPal. We can set this up for you when you purchase the device. Really it comes down to personal preference.


    smart-locate app
    smart-locate app
    smart-locate app
    smart-locate app
    smart-locate app
  • Accessories

    *Mobile Alert Device Not Include for illustration purposes only. 

      Mobile Alert WristbandMobile Alert Belt ClipMobile Alert Belt Clip Back