New Generation Watch: Network Telstra

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This striking 3G/GPS Watch, is a leader in the new generation of GPS gadgets that can be used by the Elderly, Children and everyday technology users.Considering the size of the New Generation Watch, it has been designed with bountiful capabilities in a tiny gadget. With a thin watch band, this watch is lightweight, stylish and eye catching. Numerous watch band options allow for the watch to be customised to the wearer, be it an elderly gentleman, a young adventurous girl or any other age or gender type. All tastes and options are catered for.

(Please check the size of your child's wrist and ensure it won't be too big. Sizing on features tab. Recommended for children 6 years + depending of size of wrist.) 

The New Generation watch is not only a watch, but a GPS tracker, mobile phone, camera, pedometer, remote voice monitoring, historical route tracker, Geo-fencing, alarm clock and has voice chat via mobile app.

The wearer can enjoy the satisfaction of independence whilst feeling the reassurance of the New Generation Watches astounding capabilities, whilst the parent, carer or family member can track their loved one with the free iOS or Android app for tracking.

The parent, carer or family member also manages the watch set up, phone book, SOS and emergency contacts, messaging, reminders, update location and Geo Fencing capabilities.

  • Tracking App New Generation Watch:


     Username: demo2

    Password: demo2

    Aibeile App New Generation Watch
    Aibeile App New Generation Watch
    Aibeile App New Generation Watch
    Aibeile App New Generation Watch
    Aibeile App New Generation Watch

    App Functions:

    • Geo Fencing
    • Messages
    • Health Steps (Pedometer)
    • Picture Gallery
    • Working Mode
    • Admin Number
    • Emergency Number -2 Numbers
    • White List -5 Numbers
    • Phone Book -15 Numbers
    • Alarm Clock
    • Voice Monitoring
    • Photo Remote
    • School Mode
    • Remote Shutdown
    • Call Alert
  • Features:

    • GPS + WIFI + LBS multiple positioning modes provide better coverage in and out doors
    • SOS/ alert button
    • 720 High definition Camera (Photos Only)
    • 1.54" touch screen
    • 12 / 24 Hour Clock 
    • Mobile app tracking
    • 1 min / 10 min / 1 hour and  tracking settings
    • Geo Fencing - Set boundaries and be alerted when the wearer leaves the safe zone
    • Multi location detection
    • Receive and make calls
    • Voice Chat
    • Alarm Clock
    • Pedometer
    • Size of watch face - Width 41 mm - Height 53 mm, Thickness 15 mm
    Aibeile App New Generation Watch
    Aibeile App New Generation Watch
  • Device information:


    • GPS satellite positioning 
    • WIFI positioning
    • LBS base station positioning
    • AGPS

    2.Position Accuracy:

    • GPS 5-20 m.
    • WIFI location 20-100 m.
    • LBS Base station location: 100-1000 m.

    3.Device Size: 53 X 41 X 15 mm

    4.Device Weight: 40G

    5.Battery Capacity:  600mAh

    6.Platform Monitoring: Supports Android, Apple Mobile Phones,

    7. 3G UMTS-WCDMA Frequencies: 850 /2100


    We carry these watches in two different frequencies: 

    • WCDMA - UMTS 850 / 2100 Great for all round use in Australia - New Zealand.
    • Due to the different 3G Frequencies used around the world. Please check before using the watch overseas. We would recommend using local sim cards as well.
    • Please check our links / 3G Coverage world Wide / Oz Towers to find the best frequency for your situation or contact us via our Contact Page. We are always happy to help!