Dart Accessory - OBDII Plug & Play Harness

Dart OBDII Plug and play GPS Tracking Harness

There are situations where a hardwired install may not be suitable e.g. a temporary install, waiting for an auto electrician appointment. This is when our OBDII adapters can be very useful. These adapters are sold separately.

Using the adapters does not require the assistance of a vehicle auto electrician/mechanic. One end goes into the vehicle's OBDII Port (please check the Vehicle's manual if you can't find these ports). While the other end snaps into the Dart3 - no tools involved.

Emulated Ignition Only:

Staff Tip: The Ignition wire of the Dart3 is not connected to the vehicle when using these adapters. The harness options simply provide power to the device. Only Emulated Ignition can be used, this is when the ignition is set based on movement, which may not be as foolproof as using a hardwired ignition.