Tracker Mate 3G+GPS +WIFI -P99G

The P99G uses Wifi and GPS to accurately pinpoint location indoors and outdoors.

The tracker mate  has a rugged sturdy housing making it water resistant (IP67 rating), dust-proof, shockproof and durable. It can withstand being submerged in water for up to 30 minutes in a 1-meter depth. It comes with Wi-fi, GPS location and various charging options.

The Tracker Mate is ideal for personal tracking, sports lovers, adventure seekers and workers (miners, construction workers, electricians, lone workers etc). The tracker mate is ideal for various outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing trips, snowboarding, rock climbing, kayaking, etc.

With one touch of the alert button, users can send a signal for help in case of an emergency. The tracker mate will SMS Your contacts and the can quickly pinpoint your positions and provide assistance in a timely manner. On the rear panel, you will find a magnet connector that allows to recharge the 1800 mAh battery.

It will take about 2.5 hours to fully recharge the battery. Additionally, the tracker mate can be charged with wireless charging base(optional accessory) as well as with classic micro USB cable.

Its embedded Wi-Fi module (2.4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n) allows to leverage indoor navigation. For outdoor positioning GPS/GLONASS and GSM/WCDMA signals are available. The P99G can have the Wi-Fi enabled with almost no effect to the battery usage: in continuous tracking mode it works for about 16 hours, in interval tracking mode (60 minutes) it extends up to 48 hours.

Let’s see the fantastic highlights of the Tracker Mate:

  1. IP67 water resistant
  2. Up to 48 hours of battery life
  3. Live tracking
  4. Rugged design

  1. Size 10.8mm x 52mm x 18mm. Weight 106 grams
  2. Tough external casing
  3. Weatherproof IP67
  4. External volume control 
  5. In built battery that can be charged by Magnetic cable or wireless Charging
  6. Low power consumption 40mA (3.8v, with GPS & Wi-fi On)
  7. Real time tracking by GPS satellite and GSM Base station - Bi module positioning 
  8. Geo fencing. Entry/exit alarm
  9. Outstanding online tracking system. Capabilities for multiple trackers in a business environment or for individual use. 
  10. Real time tracking by mobile, tablet or PC
  11. WCDMA/GSM, GPS & Wi-Fi
  12. Charging Magnetic, Wireless
  13. Long lasting battery with sleep mode option up to 400 hours standby 50 Hours Work Mode
  14. Low battery alarm
  15. Backup Battery 2000 mAh 3.7V
  16. Voice monitoring
  17. Two-way Voice communication. (high quality sounds and hands free volume sound)
  18. 8 MB byte of memory
  19. Accuracy of 2.5 metres
  20. Sensor - 3-axis Accelerometer
  21. Internal microphone and speaker
  22. LED indicators showing Power and WCDMA/GSM and GPS
  23. WCDMA- UMTS Frequency Bands 800,850,900,1900,2100

What's included : 

1x 3G + WIFI Tracker Mate Device
1x Battery
1x Plug and USB Cable

1x User Manual, Warranty Manual 
1x Plug- Charging Cable
1x Download guide 

1x 1 Year subscription to MS03 Tracking Platform

Optional Accessories:

Wireless charging base

Your device can be delivered, ready to go with an activated sim card from your preferred mobile provider (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone or Aldi) pre programmed with your personalised numbers and access to a web based tracking platform for anytime location. ( First Year Included )

Yearly Subscription Tracking Platform:  
To use the online and mobile App platform, a yearly subscription of $30.00 (please note this is subject to change by supplier). Your first years subscription is included in the cost of the Tracker Mate and annually we will issue a notice/invoice to renew your subscription.


MS03 GPS Tracking Platform

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  • Simple design
  • Free Demo

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