4G Life Alert Medical Alarm With GPS

The Keep Track GPS Life Alert offers the convenience of a Medical Alert Pendent with the benefits of a pre-programmed easy to use mobile phone, empowering the elderly, people with disability, loan works.

The LCD screen displays battery percentage, signal strength, time and date. Displays other simple messages like [SOS] - [Fall] Alerts, Alerts Cancelled. You can also adjust Volume up or down for two way calling.

Select any of the 8 emergency contacts, by pressing the side buttons. Perfect for calling family or friends, carries etc.

The Life Alert will send an SMS message to up to 8 pre-programmed contacts.

The alert SMS message contains username, date – time, GPS location that can be used to locate the user.

It will then start calling your contacts in order of programming until one answers. The device can recognize voice messages, then disconnects after 25 seconds moving on to the next contact, in acting a two way conversation through the built in microphone and speaker.


Messages & Calls up to 8 Emergency Contacts:

When the SOS button is pressed or a fall is automatically detected, this device will send an SMS (includes emergency GPS location) to up to 8 contacts before calling them. The device then calls emergency contact #1. If contact #1 answers, they will hear on their phone, “Press 1 on your phone keypad to continue.” This message will play up to three times until the #1 on the keypad is pressed. If #1 is not pressed after the third time, the call will automatically disconnect, and emergency contact #2 will receive the next call. This sequence will repeat through your contacts - up to 8 emergency contacts, until someone answers there phone. Two way voice communication is then possible between the user and the contact.

Fall Detection:

When a suspected fall is detected [ FALL ] will be displayed on the LED screen. At which time the device will beep during this time the user can cancel the fall alert before an SMS and Call are sent by pushing the SOS button to cancel the alert sequence.

Speed Dial up to 8 Contacts

No need to carry another mobile phone with you any more. By pushing the side buttons you can scroll through your contact list on the LED screen, Contact Names included. Perfect for calling family and friends. The Pendent can also be called via it's mobile number, we can program auto answer after 2 rings or by pushing the side button to answer incoming calls.

 4G medical alert pendent



3G Bands:

  • 800/850/900/1900/2100

4G LTE CAT-1 Bands:

  • Europe: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20
  • America: B2/B4/B12
  • Australia: B1/B3/B5/B7/B28

4G Life Alert Medical Alarm Available on the NDIS Was $550.00 NOW $450.00 While Stocks Last

For more information please call 08 95321 4325

Whats included in the 4G Life Alert purchase?

      • 1x 4G  Life Alert Alarm
      • 1x Telstra Sim Card or Aldi SIM Card [ Activated ] 
      • 1x Up to 6 - 12 Months Credit ($20)*
      • 1x Lanyard
      • Choice of wristband or belt clip
      • 1x USB Charging Plug
      • 1x Charging Cable
      • 1x Charging Station
      • Free AUSTRALIA EXPRESS POST Shipping (With tracking number) Australia Only
      • User Guide
      • technical support
      • Peace of Mind!

For more information on our range of Personal and Medical alarms,

please call 08 9521 4325

*$20 credit included on Telstra Mobile Network or Aldi Mobile will last most users 6 - 12 months, depending on usage. If only used a couple times per month. We recommend checking credit regularly. Down load the telstra 24/7 or Aldi Mobile Apps

Payment Options Include:

      • Out Right Purchase online or over the phone
      • ZIP Pay
      • NDIS Please Contact Us during office hours