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 User Friendly Menu

What you see is what you get. Click on the icon, get that information. No searching around hidden menus and confusing techno-babble set-up screens.

So user-friendly and intuitive that you will not need an instruction manual!

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Live View

As the world becomes more mobile, touch friendly, browser based responsive software is becoming the new gold standard, a standard which meets and exceeds With you can do everything on your mobile device that you would normally do at your desktop! 

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Accurate trip tracking

gps tracker tracking map
gps tracking speed history map

Create maintenance schedules

Track odometer and run hours,

Save time and effort, reduce fleet down-time

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Jobs and reminders

Action jobs and mark off when completed. Never miss a service!

gps tracking fleet maintenance


gps tracker reports keep track gps
gps tracking reports keep track gps

Driver ID


Capture Driver ID with RFID tag reader or iButton


Attribute trips, worker-hours and behaviour to staff


Allow only authorised personnel to use vehicles or equipment


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Geo Fencing


Geo-fence drawing tool


Set speed limits for a geo-fence


Alert on entering or leaving


Track activity within the geo-fence

gps tracking geo fencing secure assets

One Touch Movement Alerts

gps tracking movement alerts smart phone app

Simple set-up for a wide range of conditions

gps vehicle tracker movement alerts

Recovery Mode


Switch between modes with one touch


‘Normal’ - excellent performance and battery life


Recovery Mode’ - more frequent tracking updates


Locate and recover your assets!

gps tracking perth  asset recovery smartphone app

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