Personal Alarm Details Submission Form

Personal alarms emergency contacts

Please submit device contact details for you personal alarm system here. Alternatively add them to your order when purchasing through the options menu.

Contact Details 4G Medical Alarm

Add upto 8 emergency contacts with our 4G Personal Alarm. Alert family or friends if you require an emergency response. Great for peace of mind so you can live life to the fullest.

Contact Details.

Personal Alarm - Medical Alert Pendant.

This is where you can add your Contact Details for your 3G / 4G / Personal Alarms

At Keep Track GPS we realise giving out drivers licenses and personal details can be scary. If you would like to activate the sim yourself, please check the box below.

We will send you instructions on how to activate your sim card

There are Advantages of setting up the sim card yourself, you can set up an account for the sim, that way you can set up auto recharge, have access to the credit available, and expiry date.


3G/4G Personal Alarm Contact Numbers

3G Personal Alarm / Heavy Duty Alarm up to 5 Contacts

4G Personal Alarm up to 8 Contacts

Setup fall detection
Low battery alarm