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Keep Track GPS & The NDIS

Keep Track GPS 
Is a Registered NDIS Service Provider:
Assistive Products-Personal Care /Safety
Assistive Equipment- Recreation

Self managed NDIS Participant

If you’re a self managed NDIS participant please complete our form below. We can submit for the following
Assistive technology,
Daily Activities.
We can place a service booking for you, Then we can get in touch with you to ask for your emergency contact numbers or fill in our contact details form so we can program your mobile alarm for you. If you don’t have funds available we’ll try to contact your plan coordinator. If you have any questions you can email us  info@keeptrackgps.com.au  or please call 08 9521 4325

Managed Plan NDIS Participant

If you’re managing an NDIS plan please complete the quote form below. We’ll send you a quote and an invoice if you’d like to go ahead with a keep track GPS Mobile -personal alarm. If you’re an NDIS participant who is plan managed you can complete this form as well. Be sure to include the contact details for your plan manager so we can organise your alarm through them ( your plain provider.)


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NDIS Provider Details

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NDIS Self-Managed

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