Check 3G coverage in your Area

Things to know about mobile coverage.

Obstructions – such as buildings, vehicles, trees, hills and building materials – can all reduce the signal level available for your mobile device. Indoor mobile coverage is susceptible to interference from the building you are in, and just as TV sets sometimes need external antennas to improve reception, there are cases where the use of an external antennas can make a significant difference to the performance of a mobile device indoors.


Telstra Coverage MapTelstra Coverage Map



Optus Coverage MapOptus Coverage Map


  • Select the Device -Choose the Non Optus Device
  • Enter the following generic device number in the IMEI field : 35585605
  • Confirm Telit UL865-EUR as the device
  • Enter your address details in the field above to check for 3G coverage in your area.



Vodafone Coverage Map


  • Enter your Suburb or Address
  • Check for 3G coverage in your area.


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Worldwide GSM Frequencies for Mobile Providers By Country

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