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Rural Coverage Checker


Maximise your coverage

Obstructions such as buildings, vehicles, trees and hills can all reduce the signal level available for your mobile handset, tablet or mobile broadband device. External antennas can improve reception to your mobile device.


Extend your coverage

A range of external antennas are available for certain mobile devices in areas where coverage is marginal. Even in areas where handheld coverage is possible, external antennas may also improve the coverage of your handset.

External antennas are the most effective when mounted in a mobile base station in ‘line of sight’. This can be near a window or on a building rooftop, pole or other elevated structure – the higher the better. After the antenna has been fitted it is connected directly to the mobile device.

Directional antennas must be pointed in the direction of the nearest mobile phone base station to operate effectively.

Visit your local Telstra store for assistance with choosing an antenna. They can also help you install it.