Heavy Duty Personal Alarm With Automatic Fall Detection


Our heavy duty personal alarm is such a versatile device and its uses are not limited to just a tracking system for the medically frail or elderly. With over speed detection and listen-in features, this device can be used to monitor young inexperienced drivers or provide safety and reassurance to on road employees i.e. delivery drivers or in-home service providers.

With an SOS button, Full down function, and two way conversation capabilities, this device can be used to activate an SOS/Emergency text message via a single push of the SOS button. Up to 3 nominated mobile numbers are instantly sent a text message notifying the recipient of the emergency and location of the tracker. It will then ring the first person on that list automatically and allow a 2-way conversation. If the first person does not answer it will dial through the list until someone does.

Also, the pendant can make an out going to call to one nominated number only, via a button above the SOS button. All numbers nominated can call the pendant and the users has the ability to increase or decrease volume by a side button.

The Family / career can monitor the Tracker from the online tracking system via PC/ smartphone/ tablet or asking the Tracker via SMS for specific information.

With a inbuilt fall down/ man down alert, real time GPS tracking and so much more, this little device is a perfect unit to help a fiercely independent love one stay safe and connected.


    • Size 8cm x 5cm x 2cm. Weight 76 grams
    • Tough external casing
    • Weatherproof (splash proof not submersible)
    • External volume control 
    • In built battery that can be charged via micro USB cable
    • Low power consumption 60mA with long standby time
    • Real time tracking by GPS satellite and GSM Base station - Bi module positioning 
    • Fall down/man down alert capabilities
    • Geo fencing. Entry/exit alarm
    • Outstanding online tracking system. Capabilities for multiple trackers in a business environment or for individual use. 
    • Real time tracking by mobile, tablet or PC
    • WCDMA/GSM and GPS
    • Long lasting battery with sleep mode option to extend life to 10 days. 5mA
    • Low battery alarm
    • Voice monitoring
    • Two-way Voice communication. (high quality sounds and hands free volume sound)
    • 8 MB byte of memory
    • Accuracy of 2.5 metres
    • Sensor - 3-axis Accelerometer
    • Internal microphone and speaker
    • LED indicators showing Power and WCDMA/GSM and GPS
    • WCDMA -UMTS: Frequency Bands 850,900,2100
  • What's Included:

    • 1x 3G Heavy Duty Tracking Pendent
    • 1x $30.00 Sim Credit
    • 1x Plug- Charging Cable
    • 1x Mini Screwdriver
    • 1x Lanyard
    • 1x User Manual, Warranty Manual,Download guide to CD instruction


    Your device can be delivered, ready to go with an activated sim card from your preferred mobile provider (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone) pre programmed with your personalised numbers and access to a web based tracking platform for anytime location.
  • Subscription Tracking Platform:

    There is a yearly subscription fee to use the online and mobile platform. (please note this is subject to change by supplier)

    MS03 GPS Tracking Platform

    • Full Customization
    • Easy to use
    • Simple design
    • Free Demo


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