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    Automotive/Asset Tracking

    Automotive/Asset Tracking

    Our Range of Personal 3G Automotive Asset Trackers is a must for any body looking at protecting there valued assets, from the trades person wanting to protect there tools & van from theft. Trailers, Motor bikes, ATV's, Caravans, Trucks, Teenagers learning to drive they come with geo fencing, over speed alert, live tracking through a mobile app.

    All of our trackers have a long battery life and are rechargeable. 

    All are stock is based in Australia Ready for dispatch.


    At keep track GPS we offer two ways to buy products.

    1: Device only purchase.

    2: Setup with SIM card purchase,

    This service you get a sim of your choice.
    from one of the three major mobile network providers, Upon request we can source other third party providers. 
    The sim will be on a long life prepay plan with $30.00 credit loaded,The Telstra network gives you the largest coverage of the 3.
    We set up the device for you so it will be ready to go once it reaches you out of the box.
    For this service additional information is required basically the info you would need for any mobile phone setup.
    So at the checkout either select device only, and no sim required, pay the device only price.
    With setup & sim select colour, setup & sim option, your preferred provider, pay the device and sim setup cost. Easy as that.