Best Personal Alarm

June 01, 2017 2 min read


Best Personal Alarm System

Our 4G personal alarm is such a versatile device and its uses are not limited to just a tracking system for the Seniors or the elderly.
  • With Fall Detection,
  • Over Speed Detection  
  • Listen-in Feature.

For peace of mind this Mobile Alarm can be used to monitor, young inexperienced drivers, provide safety and Security to on road employees i.e. delivery drivers or in-home service providers.

Your mobile alert offers a sos alarm button, it’s capable of making a two-way conversation. This device can be used to activate an alert to access an emergency response from family and friends or emergency services “000”.

From the press of the button “‘3 seconds” It will send a text message via SMS, for up to 5 nominated mobile numbers, notifying your contacts of the emergency and location of the device. It will then ring the first person on that list automatically and allow a 2-way conversation. If the first person does not answer it will dial through the list until someone does.

The device can make 3 going to call to 3 nominated numbers, from the phone icon button above the SOS button, and side volume button. All nominated numbers can call the device and the user can increase or decrease volume by a side button.

Family can monitor your personal alarm. Seeing information from the online tracking system. Install the tracking app on PC - Smartphone - Tablet or via SMS for Locations and other information. This is extremely useful in the event of a elderly parents wandering off, a car theft situation or an inexperienced driver being monitored by concerned parents.

With an inbuilt accelerometer sensor, you can also monitor the speed the tracker is traveling at and receive speed alerts

With inbuilt fall detection, real time mobile GPS tracking and so much more, this little device is a perfect unit to help a fiercely independent love one stay safe and Connected

The mobile alarm system works off its own sim card using the full Telstra network, which gives you the widest coverage in Australia. 99% of all populated areas. Sim cards from Aldi, which offers 98.8% coverage, have mostly the same coverage footprint as Telstra customers, they can use their devices in most of the same places. There are some exceptions in remote parts of the country, so it is always wise to check the coverage maps and make sure that your home is covered.

So, knowing he can take it anywhere there is 3G mobile coverage offers reassurance and peace of mind with the added benefit of mobile GPS.

No need to worry about home landline NBN changeovers or being tied down to the old-style telephone smart dialer with a 150 -300-meter range! That’s no good once you leave home or must be tied down to a monitoring contract.

Great for assisted living as well as aged care nursing homes, where mobility is essential for independent living. You can even add emergency services "000" if needed. We urge you to talk to family members first to produce a good strategy for dealing with an emergency response if the event arises.

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