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April 23, 2017

Personal Alert Device

As parents get older, we start to question 'How the hell did that happen?

Somehow, I have entered my 40's and my parents are 70 odd. 'It's just not right'. I never honestly thought I would get old. But the hardest thing is looking at my parents and seeing them for who they are.

They aren't superheroes or giants who have the strength to pick me up and spin you round. Instead they are looking more like how my nana and grandad use to look all those years ago. Human and in some ways, fragile.

As parents get older, our roles change. We start to worry about them, their health, safety and being alone.

My Dad has spent hours alone over the last 30 years working on his wooden boat, down in its hull. Replacing beams and fixing leaks. I never considered his safety or a personal alarm system because he was 'Dad', strong, capable and  resilient.

It wasn't until my mum told me how concerned she was that Dad had dropped his electric drill (plugged in and live) onto the floor of the hull which was covered in water that I really started to think. 'OMG! What is dad doing? And he shouldn't be doing that by himself at 70'.

Put fear aside - maybe he should be doing what he has always done? Keeping his mind and body young and active. What would I rather, he sits on a chair and loose his physical and mental capabilities? Maybe that is what keeps both my parents looking young, their ability to still live and love their life and independence.

How can I quiet the voices in my mind? What if they fell or needed me but couldn't call? What if they were confused and didn't have anyone to calm or reassure them?

With safety and security in mind, that's where the 3GPersonal Alarm System is perfect. It's peace of mind for independent living. He could Pop, it on a lanyard around his neck or on the belt holder when he was working alone, they offer fall detection, a hands free call system, in case a emergency response is needed, family members would be set a SMS with a google map link, be it on the boat, or in the shed, it would offer peace of mind.

Pop their mobile alarm on their key ring so they always have some way, to get hold of family or friends from there emergency contact list! no matter where they are.

Knowing the battery life would be enough for all day use, there personal alarm would be able to make that emergency call if needed. The best thing about it! the big alarm button on the front for ease of use. With a press of the button 5 contacts can be Alerted via SMS, then the call sequence would start.

The Personal Alarm offers a fall detection feature, that sends text messages to all five contacts. When it detects a fall, it will beep for a short time before sending the texts and then beginning the help call sequence, great for access to emergency contacts.


The mobile alarm system works off its own sim card using the full Telstra mobile network which gives the widest coverage in Australia of 99% of all populated areas’ Cards from Aldi which offers 98.8% coverage have mostly the same coverage footprint as Telstra customers, they can use their devices in most of the same places. There are some exceptions in remote parts of the country, so it is always wise to check the coverage maps and make sure that your home is covered.

So, knowing he can take it any where there is 3G mobile coverage offers reassurance and peace of mind with the added benefit of mobile GPS.

No need to worry about home landline NBN change overs or being tied down to the old-style telephone smart dialler with a 150 -300-meter range! That’s no good once you leave home or having to be tied down to a monitoring contract.

Great for assisted living as well as aged care nursing homes where mobility is essential for independent living. You can even add emergency services "000" if needed. We urge you to talk to family members first to come up with a good strategy in dealing with an emergency response if the event arises.

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