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October 31, 2020 2 min read

What is Tamper Detect?

Tamper Detect will alert you when your device is being interfered with – such as when thieves, employees or other individuals seek to tamper with the device or steal the asset. Our battery powered devices provide immediate warning of this, so your assets are protected.

REMORA  Magnetic Tamper Detect

The Remora battery powered GPS tracker has a recess in the housing, where a magnet (supplied with the device) slots into. When installing the Remora  LTE, the magnet can easily be glued to the asset with the Remora LTE fitted over the top and the magnet sits inside the recess.

The Remora is equipped with a Hall Effect Sensor on the Printed Circuit Board, which can detect changes in the magnetic fields near the device. As soon as the Remora  LTE is removed from the asset (with the magnet still in place) the device will realise that the magnetic field has changed and will trigger an immediate tamper alert to the server. Great anti theft tracking GPS, Caravan Tracker, Trailer Tracker. Then the alert is then forwarded to you via Email, Notifications through the Telematics Guru Smartphone App.

Best GPS Tracker Powered Devices

Our range of powered vehicle trackers – the Bolt2Dart2, G62 and G120 are all fitted with an internal-backup battery and external power disconnection alerts. Once the device has been unplugged from the power source, the battery will allow the unit to continue to track for up to a week, helping you to locate your stolen vehicle. These devices also feature GPS Jamming and GPS Interference indicators.

Get in touch with us today to discuss anti-tamper detect on our tracking devices!

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