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 GPS Tracking for Kids

Our New Generation Watch is perfect for the pre teen and teenager. With 4 designated phone numbers, it is a cheap alternative to giving your child a mobile phone and is safer if you don't want them to access social media.

With 7 different band colours to choose from.

This watch has a SOS button, tracking capabilities and looks like a normal digital watch so not drawing attention to its safety capabilities.

Ideal for children  who want independence but may need a little bit of careful monitoring. They can press the SOS button to alert you of their situation and you can know their location within Minutes  to help.

Or it could just be a way of keeping in contact or locating your child whilst they are out with friends, playing around the neighbourhood or using public transport.
The options and uses are endless.

Tracking is available on IOS and Android Devices.

At keep track GPS we thoroughly test our products before we sell to our customers, to make sure they are right for the markets we sell too.

Choice Magazine has just completed testing our New Generation Watch.


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KeepTrack Gps
KeepTrack Gps

April 16, 2019

Hi Patricia.

Thanks for contacting us the other day it was lovely talking to you about your requirements regarding your current personal alarm device in comparison to our Keep Track GPS watch.

As per our conversation the majority of GPS watches currently on the market are designed for children, marketing towards concerned parents wanting to locate their children. However we also see the need for different options in the adult market, the elderly, medically fragile or clients with a disability.

Yes our watches are GPS devices that require a sim card. The option is yours in regards to either prepaid or account.
In order to track the GPS location there is a tracking app that can be utilised by a IPhone, android device or web browser.
You can add your own sim card be it post paid or prepaid.

Currently we are out of stock of the 3G GPS Watch, as we are currently reviewing our specs for a new model.

Keep Track GPS

Patricia Jolly
Patricia Jolly

April 14, 2019

I am an adult who needs an emergency device because I have a heart condition and have had falls.I have a device which hangs around my neck and I hate it. Does your watch have GPS? I assume one can speak or send sms from it. Does it come with a sim card?

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