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Children are such marvellous creatures, they give us so much love and joy but for most part my children have given me nothing but heartburn and anxiety.

GPS watches are great for the tiny avid adventure who is technologically savvy to the point they make us wish for the days of VHS and wall mounted telephones. The world has changed around us very quickly and for some individuals (me included) it can be so daunting.

Jett (our eldest) happily wore his watch to school when he suffered periods of anxiety, it was reassuring to him to be able to call me at recess and lunch to double check if his brother was OK. He even rang me one day to tell me he was getting upset as he didn't want to go for a play date after school. I was able to talk him through his feelings and then alert his teacher, who was then able to provide that physical support and assurance that everything was fine. Quickly dealing with his feelings so he could move on to learn and enjoy the rest of his day.

However, once our smart boy became a bit clued on, he realised that not only could we communicate with him via his watch, but we could also track his location via an app on our smartphones. Once our evil plan was uncovered Jett went to great lengths to ensure he took his watch off just before trying to escape via the cat flap to freedom.

Once out of the house, Nathan and I go in panic mode. Jett suffers a great many emotional difficulties and when hyper-aroused he is very difficult to contain. Being super smart doesn't help so having all the doors and windows lock with keys in my pocket makes no difference to our Houdini.

The 'oh so' innocent cat flap to the garage is a tight fit but with intensified aroused strength and the determination of Superman, Jett is able to escape and manually unlock our 'oh so' heavy roller door. Never to be seen again.

With 4 police call outs in one month, and their next step was to call in air support for our 6-year-old Jett, I was just at a loss. The behaviour was absurd, the response by police was fantastic however REALLY! this could not be a solution.

With no mental health qualifications, we had no idea what to do.
Thank goodness an idea popped into Nathan's head and off he went on one of his crazy search for solutions. The Battery Powered Tracker was to be our answer, the pill to my sanity and the best little device I could every ask for.

It is a little box that tracks Jett's location without him knowing. We put one under his bike seat in a little tool bag! We are so smart. 

Now when Jett takes off, he can grab his bike and we don't chase him. The police can forget they ever met us and we can watch his travels from the comfort of our home. There are times when I will drive to his location and put on my Oscar winning performance of a mother terrified for the welfare of her child. I channel my most 'crazed and emotionally unstable' mother's voice and demand he 'GET HOME NOW, that I have been searching the streets for hours and am out of my mind in fear. Truth be told he has been gone 10 mins, but the story needs to be believed and it worked a treat for 6 months until running away lost its thrill.

The level of anxiety in our house has reduced 10-fold and in turn I think that has had a big impact on Jett.
Once Jett discovers the GPS under his bike seat I am screwed, but until then I am living the dream, and nothing is going to stop me now!
Rayleen XX


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Violette Davis

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