May 25, 2017 1 min read

Personal Alarms & GPS Tracking Choice Recommended 2018

As you grow up and have children, you don't realise how time flies. We always imagine our own parents as strong, healthy and independent. Then one day you ask yourself ' How did we all get so old?'.

Somehow I have entered my 40's and my parents are in their mid 70's. And suddenly we start to worry about them, their health, safety and being alone and vulnerable.

Our Personal Alarm Pendant enables the user to activate and emergency text message via a single push of the SOS button. Up to 5 nominated Family and friends mobile numbers are instantly sent a text message notifying the recipient of the emergency and location.

It will then ring the first person on that list automatically and allow a 2-way conversation. If the first person does not answer it will dial through the list until someone does.

Also the Personal Alarm can make an out going to call to one nominated number only, via a smaller button located on the side. All numbers nominated can call the pendant.

With a inbuilt fall down alert, real time GPS tracking and so much more, this little device is a perfect unit to help a fiercely independent love one stay safe and connected.

Choice Magazine has completed testing of our Personal Alarm Pendants both 3G & 4G devices with them recommending our 3G Device in 2018 and ranking our 4G Device in 2019 .

See Article Below:>Choice Magazine Article 

Nathan Thorne
Nathan Thorne

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