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    Help Center

    Customer Support

    How can we contact Keep Track Gps

    What after Purchase support do You offer?

    What are your Office hours?


    What is a restocking Fee.

    3G Mobile Medical Alarms | Elderly Trackers with fall down - Geo Fencing

    Why dose my Tracking Device say it is off line.

    Will I have coverage where I am?

    Why won’t some trackers work inside - Buildings etc?

    What is the meaning of GPS drift?

    What is A-GPS?

    Can you make a call from the 3G-GPS tracker for Elderly with fall down alarm ?

    What’s included with your purchase of a 3G-GPS tracker for Elderly with fall down alarm?

    Can i buy a device only and setup my self.

    Why is my Trackers Battery life short?

    My Device says it has a stand-by time of 30 Days what dose that mean?

    MeiTrack Tracking Devices

    What is the difference Between Geo-Fencing Alarm Report and Track by Distance?

    I Have Set up a Speed Alarm at 100Km/h via command 0000,BO7,100 Successfully.When the speed was over 100km/h

    After making a phone call to unit ,i don't get a return SMS

    I can't find the on/off button,how can i turn on the unit?

    I have set Trackby Distance with interval of 300 meters via command 0000,A14,300 Successfully.

    The unit can't Connect to the Server via GPRS

    If i connect the device to external power source and remove the battery will the device still work

    What is the difference between A GEO Fence Alarm Report and A Track by Distance Report

    Adding APN Settings for connection to MSO3

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